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Love in White was originally launched in 2005 and inspired by a love of sailing, combining ingredients form all over the world to create a fragrance that is fresh and deep. The fragrance opens up with a classic hit of citrus in the form of orange before making way to an exotic floral bouquet of narcissus, jasmine and magnolia. The base is a classic woody, musk combination of vanilla, sandalwood and exotic ambergris. Love in White features Creeds classic bottle design and the fragrance has their trademark sophistication and high end style to give the wearer a light, invigorating aroma that is perfect for casual or formal wear.

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Product features:
- Gender: Women
- Fragance: Eau de Parfum

Product Reference: #3508441104617
Erwin Creed

After the foundation of the brand Creed, back in 1760, the passion for perfumery has been handed down from generation to generation, from James Henry Creed to Erwin Creed, the seventh generation of perfumers of this family.
This brand is one of the most prestigious brand all over the world. Erwin continues his ancestor's traditions, elaborating perfumes composed of natural ingredients.
Some of his most successful fragrances are Virgin Island Water and Love in Black. You can find more perfumes of this firm at BeautyTheShop.

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Creed is a niche perfume house, which has boutiques in Paris, New York City, and Dubai Mall, in addition to stands in high end retailers across the world. The house purportedly creates its perfumes in-house by two perfumers: a father and his son. The current generation consists of Olivier Creed (who is credited for Green Irish Tweed, Millesime Imperial, Silver Mountain Water and Aventus among others) and his son Erwin Creed.

James Henry Creed founded the House of Creed in London in 1760 as a tailoring establishment. It rose to fame in the mid 19th century under Henry Creed as tailors and habit makers for the fashionable dandy Count d'Orsay, Queen Victoria, and Empress Eugénie, who issued the firm of Creed & Cumberland a Royal Warrant for tailoring articles. Olivier Creed's first eponymously named fragrance was a traditional eau de cologne with matching aftershave. Its release date is unknown, although bottles are still in circulation. Creed also has other high-profile creations in its catalog such as Angelique Encens, which was said to have been originally created in 1933 for the Bishop of Paris.

Creed has stated that it has created perfumes exclusively for celebrities and well-known political figures. Creed claims that Tabarome Millesime (2000) "was commissioned by a legendary British statesman who loved fine brandy and highest quality cigars" (presumably Winston Churchill).[4] Also, Creed's Vetiver is marketed to have been created for "one of America's leading families, a political dynasty now known worldwide for its energy, vigor, and impeccable style".

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