Floraïku Boyish Eau De Parfum Spray 60ml

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Boyish laughs at convention, leads the beauty of ingredients to new places and flaunts flowers that play on a dual personality with a mix of sensuality and character. Its playful citrus fruit hides a woody elegance. Its name, a nod to fashion shows, sends us into the golden light of the runway. Its couture-driven composition steps outside the gender box and reveals bursting top notes of bergamot essence, a heart of elegant powdery iris, and a vetiver disposition that ushers in a radiant and spicy trail.

Quote from the perfumer: "For Boyish, the vegetal notes take on a new guise with the intensity of woods. Textured woody notes and the earthy, smoky tones of Vetiver Haïti Essence enwrap the floral heart, giving the composition a new, woody identity.”
Other notes: Lemon Essence, Pink Pepper, Muguet, Cistus Absolute, Olibanum Extract, Amber Notes, Cedar Essence, Patchouli Essence.
Inspiration: A denim-coloured bandana with its iconic paisley motif adorns the neck of the bottle. A fashion accessory that goes beyond masculine or feminine, one that is easily lent to others and brings people together. Perfectly paired with a well-worn pair of jeans, it transcends time and cultures. A sign of belonging, it has become a true classic, a timeless fashion piece, beloved by men and women the world over. Boyish wears it as an expression of freedom, the mark of a ravishing rebel.

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Product features:
- FRAGRANCE: Ladies Fragrance, Man Fragrance
- MAN: Man Fragrance
- Fragrance Type: Eau de Perfume, Signature Perfumes
- Smell Profile: Woody
- FORMAT: Spray

Product Reference: #3701123005961

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Floraïku is inspired by the Asian sophistication, its sense of refinement, excellence and detail. Each of the three collections pays a tribute to specific ceremonies that are part of eastern culture, where flowers, teas and incenses play a main role. Floraïku fragrances are composed in a same way; a short formula honouring precious natural ingredients.

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