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Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Pour Homme Eau De Toilette Spray 50ml

Scandal Pour Homme

Den kontrasterande beroendet av en träig orientalisk eau de toilette Woody Oriental Eau de toilette by Quentin Bisch, Nathalie Cetto and Christophe Raynaud Omdefiniera karamell med chic i sin eau de toilette: hur vågar han göra det? I harmonisk samklang med tonkabönan blandar sig denna atypiska not med salvia och vetiver på ett extravagant Jean Paul Gaultier-manér som förför sinnena med överraskning. Dess extremt beroendeframkallande och sensuella blågrå saft lockar alla segrare till sig. En hårt slagkraftig doft som skapar en skandal.

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Le Male In The Navy

Vanilla... FOR SENSUALITY There's nothing quite like it to spice things up.

Mint... FOR INTENSITY Or the freshness of a unique scent.

Lavender... FOR TRADITION A reference to the familiar and comforting smell of old-fashioned shaving soap lather.

Born in 1952 in France, Jean Paul Gaultier has managed to make a name for himself in fashion without any formal training . Sending sketches to various couture stylists Gaultier managed to get in the door at Pierre Cardin as an assistant in 1970. Setting up his own label in 1976, Gaultier’s edgier side came to light taking his inspiration more from the London street scene than Parisian couture.

Technically brilliant, Gaultier used his talent to parody the fashion establishment thereby redefining
 many fashion conventions. In the 1980s he recreated underwear as outerwear with the corset look and attempted to make skirts mainstream for men. His creations for those in the entertainment business were well received making him shine even brighter in popular culture. Interestingly enough his couture collections remained very formal though they were not without touches of his street influence.

Gaultier’s first women’s perfume, Classique, was introduced in 1993. It was meant to be reminiscent of his childhood yet a representation of his current life—fairylike and distant but still modern couture.

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