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Thameen Amber Room Extrait De Parfum Spray 50ml

Thameen Amber Room Extrait De Parfum Vaporisateur

Amber Room is part of Treasure Collection, which is inspired by precious gemstones and jewels. The Amber Room in Catherine Palace, located not far from St. Petersburg, is famed as the Eight Wonder of the World. The Room is entirely lined with amber panels placed on a background of gold leaf and mirrors. It has been described as trapped sunshine and fiery gold when lit with hundreds of candles. This seductive perfume includes Indian cardamom, Turkish rose and a mix of spices such cinnamon.

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Thameen Sceptre Exrait De Parfum Vaporisateur

Part of the Sovereign Collection inspired by royalty. This perfume takes inspiration from the coronation of Charles II of England, whose Sovereign Sceptre has one of the largest diamond cut of the world. Its base note of myrrh representing the royal ceremonies is blended with amber, patchouli, coriander, and Brazilian pink peppercorn.

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Thameen Sceptre Exrait De Parfum Spray 50ml

Thameen is a niche perfumery brand based in London. Thameen means “precious” in Arabic. This brand offers a combination of both, eastern luxury and western elegance.

Fragrances, as well as jewellery, are the universal symbol of status, wealth and beauty. That is the reason why the exclusive fragrances offered by this English firm are inspired in the most precious jewels of the world, such as Cullinan Diamond or Royal Sapphire. These highly concentrated Extrait de Parfums are the result of mastering the art of blending precious ingredients.

The power of a perfume has no limitations, it can trigger memories or even take you to a faraway world. Discover your Thameen and submerge yourself in an exclusive world of luxury and elegance created by Basel Binjabr, its founder, who inherited from his father the love for scents.

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