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Memo Paris Marfa Eau De Parfum Spray 75ml


Le ciel au fond des yeux, le désert se laisse oublier. Absolu de tubéreuse. Du mystère, l’infini caché sous le décor, le silence sous les cactus. Un western au ralenti. Graine de vanille. La voie lactée en sillage azuré, la route, mi-cèdre, mi-santal, se soulève. Absolu de fleur d’oranger. Les ombres monolithes, sculptures
ou montagnes rocheuses rêvées, entremêlent leurs mondes. Accord d’agave. Faire s’arrêter le vent, mêler au musc la couleur stridente et rayée du néon, soulever la poussière de la fleur d’oranger. Chaleur, ivresse de bleu, souvenir. Essence d’ylang ylang. Ici la vie est un roman. Marfa.

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What would you bring on a desert Island? On Vaadhoo, lost in the Maldives, you have everything you need. A glow of ginger, a sparkle of basil, a pinch of cassis buds to begin. Here at night, the sea illuminates, showing you the path to your own secret. Made of jasmine, geranium, everlasting flower seed. As if stars decided to leave the sky at dusk and join the sea to light up your spirit and miraculously become starfish. You can draw your hopes, dreams and desires directly from the glittering water. They appear as if by magic. You stand near the shore, surrounded by an enchanting smell of vetiver, patchouli and moss, everything silent around you, and suddenly images flow through your mind. You feel free and peaceful, full of new visions. Why go back to the mainland?

Purchase from £162.12
Memo Paris Vaadhoo Eau De Parfum Spray 75ml

Memo Paris was founded in 2007 by Clara Molloy and her husband John. They see fragrance as a journey, forging its identity around magical destinations and potent raw materials. This desire for travels to far-off places and encounters is the very reflection of the founding couples: she the Parisian-Catalan poet, he the sporty Irish globetrotter.

Through four collections, Memo recharts the map of a sensory world steeped in emotion, revisited with fragrances, ingredients and sensations. The motto: "The journey is the destination"

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