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Aromatherapy Associates The Atomiser Ceramic Diffuser

Discover your purest wellbeing moment with The Atomiser from Aromatherapy Associates, our revolutionary waterless & portable diffuser.

Transform your surroundings and instantly fill any space with our therapeutic aromas. The Atomiser allows you to seamlessly switch between blends for whatever wellbeing moment you are seeking.

Inspired by spa atomising technology, powerful air compression disperses a micro-fine mist direct from the bottles of our 100% pure essential oil blends.

Ultra-quiet with no water tank or heat, the integrity of our pure oils is preserved, meaning less is needed for real aroma-therapeutic benefits.

Our exquisite ceramic diffuser is also fully portable with optimised run times & a soft halo of light, allowing you to truly relax and surround your senses in pure wellbeing.

Aromatherapy Associates Revive Pure Essential Oil Blend

Our Revive blend is perfect for a morning when you need a burst of energy. Crafted from a pure essential oil blend of reviving Grapefruit, refreshing Bergamot & uplifting Neroli to help you feel energised and invigorated.Perfect to be used with The Atomiser for pure, undiluted diffusion.

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Aromatherapy Associates Revive Pure Essential Oil Blend 10ml

A revolutionary, luxurious new home aromatherapy collection that surrounds your senses with the power of pure essential oil blends, resetting your wellbeing from morning to night. Our aromatic, high quality essential oil blends help create a relaxing ambience in your home. Choose from a wide range of our natural essential oil blends to perfectly match your mood and enjoy a moment of self-care, serenity and deep relaxation.

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