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Zarkoperfume Ménage Á Trois Eau De Parfum Spray 100ml

Ménage Á Trois

Ménage À Trois is that most forbidden of love stories, where we take severe risks, indulge in absolute freedom, and succumb to a lawless maelstrom of passion and desire.

Composed of 3 major Musk molecules, one fractionated to fit into a compound, Ménage À Trois is at once intimate and exhilarating. As a second skin, it races from innocence to deep intensity, yet always stopping short of overpowering.

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Molécule Nº8 Wooden Chips

Molécule No8 was born in a moment of clarity on an autumn beach, and developed over 14 months of refusing to ask what, why or how. The mission was simple:

To capture the essence of human innocence and beauty in a fragrance, whatever it took to get there. There was no roadmap. There were no rules. It was uncharted territory.

Molécule No8 contains ingredients, of course, but what it’s really made from is the transformative power of a 5 o’clock sunrise and hearing a child say “I love you.”

Köp från 1,398.70kr
Zarkoperfume Molécule No.8 Eau De Parfum Spray 100ml

ZARKOPERFUME is a brand of exclusive Scandinavian fragrances. Its creator, Zarko Ahlmann, always dreamed of capturing the essence of the climate, the lifestyle and the unique beauty of his native Scandinavia. In 2008 he began to study the art of fragrances and then, with passion and with the fruits of his effort, creates the collection of fragrances by Zarko Perfume.

Zarko Ahlmann is an artist of perfumery and his works are his fragrances. He is the only perfumer in Denmark. To compose a fragrance, his approach is to merge classical French perfumery with rigorous Nordic molecular science, inspiring each aroma in the Nordic landscapes and obtaining his own vision and focus of the medium.

ZARKOPERFUME offers you a unique sensory experience. Let yourself go to spectacular Nordic landscapes, appreciate every delicate essence of the composition and embrace its nuances.


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