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Inspiration captured in a bottle

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Laboratorio Olfattivo Need_U Eau De Parfum Spray 100ml

Need_U Eau De Parfum

Need_U is a unisex perfume representing unlimited and universal love. It must be directly applied to the skin to maximise its seductive power. The master perfumer Maria Duchêne blended opening citrus notes and pink pepper with white flower, ambroxan, sandalwood and white musk notes, leading to this fascinating perfume.

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Décou-Vert Eau De Parfum

Discover the notes of David Maruitte’s breathtaking perfume. Green notes, flowery accords and woody hints. An unexpected combination which ended up creating a watery fragrance. A vibrant but peaceful perfume. Wear Décou-Vert, and feel like you have found a hidden natural spring in the middle of the forest.

Köp från 1,203.91kr
Laboratorio Olfattivo Décou-Vert Eau De Parfum Spray 100ml

Laboratorio Olfattivo is the project of Daniela Caon and Roberto Drago, both passionate for niche perfumery. This brand offers fragrances going against the market codes and rules. The art of perfumery takes shape into these fragrances elaborated with total freedom and creativity. Each creation tells a different story, offering “emotional experiences” captured in a bottle.

These bottles are simple but elegant, and are made according to the highest standards in order to offer the best experience possible. Moreover, each Eau de Parfum offers the ideal concentration to fully appreciate the marvellous quality of the raw materials, becoming veritable masterpieces.

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Inspiration captured in a bottle