Vea Lipstick Lipogel Lip Balm 10ml

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10 ml / NET WT. 0.33 OZ. Tube
Dry, cracks, chapping, in-flight dehydration and damage caused by external agents Anti-ageing effect on the lips Keeps lips feeling smoother and softer VEA Lipogel package specifically for the lips
Lipophilic gel rich in VEA Olio (pure Vitamin E), specially formulated for the use as a lip repair balm
LIPOGEL LIP-BALM Protective, hydrating, soothing. Fades away fine lines around the lips VEA LIPSTICK lipophilic gel rich in VEA Olio (pure Vitamin E), specially formulated for the use as a lip repair balm to protect, soothes and hydrate. Contains no preservatives, no parabens, no petroleum, no fragrances, no essential oils, no colourants to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. INDICATIONS: dry, cracks, chapping, in-flight dehydration and damage caused by external agents. Anti-ageing effect on the lips. The regular use of VEA LIPSTICK, besides making lips feel smoother and softer, delivers lasting moisture to dry lips, due to the specific antioxidant effect of Vitamin E. The antioxidant (anti-free radicals) therapy of pure Vitamin E assists in minimizing premature signs of ageing by smoothing away fine lines. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: apply at least twice a day, or as frequently as desired. WARNING: Although VEA LIPSTICK is extremely tollerable, in some rare cases a burning sensation, irritation, redness may occur. If this happens discontinue use of the product and consult your doctor. Not to be used in case of known allergy or sensitivity to any of the ingredients. Keep out of reach of children. EUROP. PATENT • 10 ml / NET WT. 0.33 OZ. Tube

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Product features:
- Face: Lips

Product Reference: #127582
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