ME AND ME consmetics for pregnant women and new mums


ME AND ME is exclusively dedicated to pregnant women and new mums. Their products treat their specific needs, treating and preparing the skin for all the changes mums go through during and after the pregnancy. Of course, the using of these products does not entail any risks for the foetus or the baby.

ME AND ME has five specific products that contribute to your wellbeing and your baby's, helping you to live fully this very important period of your life.

Now we are going to explain in datail the benefits of each product.


Anti-Stretch Mark Bust Firming Balm

The anti-stretch mark balm helps you keep your bust firm, non-swollen and without cracks, during and after the pregnancy, as it is completely safe for you and your baby, even when breastfeeding. It takes care of the smoothness and firmness of your skin in a very delicate area, and with a maximum respect for your baby, as this product is free of harmful ingredients. You don't even need to clean the area before breastfeeding.

ME AND ME is specially concerned about the breast cancer. Thus, they allocate a percentage of the benefits obtained from the sale of their balm to fight against this kind of cancer throught the Spanish Association Against Breast Cancer (AECC, by its initials in Spanish)


Me And Me Strech Marks Firming Bust Balm


Anti-Cellulite Firming Extract

This triple action concentrate cream helps you reduce your cellulite in every sense: volume, firmness, and-anti stretch marks. It is specially thought to take care of you during the pregnancy and during the wonderful adventure that beeing a mum is. It has been proved that bringing a baby to this world multiplies your ability to love to an extent you could have never imagined, but it's also true that your body prepares itself for that accumulating fat.

Reducing that fat you don't need without harming your baby is possible with this anti-stretch mark firming extract. Moreover, it also incorporates aromatherapy ingredients in order to equiparate your happiness level to the love level you feel: the infinite


Me And Me Firming and Cellulite Smoother


Anti-Stretch Marks Firming Cream

This is a high-efficiency, double action cream, unique on the market. It not only prevents the formation of stretchmarks, but also reduces the existing ones and increases the firmness of your skin to avoid loosenes, taking care of your skin from the first weeks untill you decide.

Maternity consists on giving of you more than you believed possible. But, for the sake of this life miracle, your skin will have to stretch increadibly. That's why we present you this high efficiency, double action cream, unique on te market.

It not only avoids the formation of stretchmarks, but also reduces the existing ones and increases the firmness of your skin to avoid loosenes and takes care of you during and after the pregnancy. Because your love for you baby knows no limits, but your skin does.


Me And Me Anti-Stretch Marks Cream


Enzymatic Exfoliator

This is a delicate exfoliator to get a clean, spot-free skin, prepared to give and recieve love. It respects your skin and your baby to such extent that it can be used even during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

With pregnancy usually comes a sudden clairvoyance of what is important and what is not. Has it happened to you already?

In order to get rid of what's not important also in your skin, we have selected this delicate enzymatic exfoliator that can be used in both your body and face before and after the pregnancy.

Is there greater happiness than being skin to skin with your baby?


Me and Me Enzymatic Peeling


Ultra Anti-Stretch Marsk Mask

This is a high efficiency ultra mask thought to help you prevent and reduce the formation of stretch marks in the pronest parts, and keep the smoothness of your skin during and after pregnancy.

Being a mum is a big transformation: that little person becomes a priority for you. But you need to keep in mind the importance of taking care of yourself in order to being able to take care of your baby.

With this high efficiency mask you will be able to prevent stretch marks from appearing and you will keep the smoothness of your skin before and after the pregnancy. Thus, the permanent transformations will only be the really important ones.


Me And Me Strech Marks Mask