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Teeth up to 8 shades lighter in just 20 minutes with your phone

Unicled White Smile


Would you like to get your teeth up to 8 shades ligther while working in the office or surfing the internet without damaging your tooth enamel?

Introducing Unicled White Smile! A pioneering, unique and easy to use design which whitens your teeth by connecting it to your phone or computer anywhere, anytime. Moreover, does not damage tooth enamel thanks to its advanced-technology and high power LED light.

Surely you are wondering how can it be possible to perform a whitening treatment in just 20 minutes, as well as being super effective and 100% safe. Do not worry. We will clarify any doubts you may have.

 Dr. Hugo Morena Peña

"Many patients ask for teeth whitening treatments. I have been investigating the most efficient technologies for years, but specially those which protect the tooth and offer visible and long-lasting results. This is possible thanks to high technology. That is why I now use and recommend UNICLED WHITE SMILE which gets an effetive whitening at the same time that it protects the enamel. Its high-power LED light acts in depth and allows the patients to continue the treatment at home, thanks to its comfortable portable format. This is the perfect maintenance treatment!".

Dr. Hugo Moreno Peña, renowned dentist at the EME Clinic Specialist in Aesthetics and Implantology.


The best part of the Unicled White Smile treatment is its ease of use. Simply follow these steps to obtain the desired results.

Before starting, your teeth must be clean. Brush them as usual with your normal toothpaste and you'll be ready to start!

Take out the device, clean it, and connect it to your mobile phone or computer. Then, apply the whitening gel evenly by using the syringe on both sides of the device. Once the gel has been applied you just need to put the device on your mouth and press the button to turn it on. A blue light will appear and, after 20 minutes, it will disconect automatically. Easy, right?

Once finished, rinse your mouth and the device with warm watter. Now its time to shine bright on the streets with your smile!

It is recommended to apply it twice a week during six weeks in a row. After that, and assuming you have obtained the desired results, you should perform a monthly maintenance treatment.


It is normal to have doubts before starting any treatment, therefore we will try to respond to the most frequently asked questions.

  • Is this treatment appropriate for everybody? The answer is yes, if you are over 14 and have good dental health. You can use the treatment even if you have retainers, Invisalign or orthodontics. Nevertheless, this treatment is not suitable for people who have cavities, mouth ulcers, periondontitis, hypersensitivity, braces or root exposure due to gum defects. It is also not recommendable for pregant or breast-feeding women.

  • When will you start seeing the effects? It depends on your genetics and your habits. Unicled White Smile contains two gel syringes, with 6 applications of 0.5ml each. This quantity may vary depending on the person, or the result you are seeking. Therefore we recommend purchasing the replacements. Once opened, the syringes can be preserved in the fridged to be used, for example, as a maintenance treatment once a month.

  • Will it harm my teeth enamel or produce pain or sensitivity? No, it won't. This treatment does not harm your teeth. It is very easy to use and painless due to the low presence of some components, which allows you to undergo as many treatments as you please. Nevertheless, it is alwasy recommendable to leave your teeth to rest for some time.



Would you like to get more information about Unicled White Smile? Get in touch with us via our contact form or leave a comment on the blog. We will be happy to answer all your questions.






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