10% discount on the best brands


In this post we would like to introduce you to some of our new brands available at BeautyTheShop. Here at BeautyTheShop we believe that you deserve unique, quality products and for this reason we are expanding our range to bring you the best luxury brands available on today’s market. Benefit from a direct 10% discount  and discover these surprising brands. You won’t be disappointed! Voucher valid until midnight on Sunday 25th February.



Kosé: The most innovative Japanese beauty brand. The Kosé team is made up of the best dermatologists and molecular engineers who work with top quality materials to sophisticatedly create truly effective products. 

Bachca Paris: This is a French hair brush, make-up brush and beauty accessory brand. The brand’s beautiful and discreet designs made with beech wood give their range an authentic and natural look.

MagicStripe: Masks that instantly corrects your face’s imperfections, effectively and without surgery. Their range includes intense hydration masks, collagen patches to reduce bags under your eyes, lifting masks… Discover yours.

Molinard: This is a perfect example of a family-run perfume company. Molinard was established in 1849 and five generations later they remain loyal to their strict traditional quality control procedures, making sure that their products are of the highest excellence.

Jack Black: Comsetics are not just for ladies, and proof of that is the Jack Black brand. One of the best selling male cosmetics brands in the US, and this does not surprise us. Their products are made from the best natural ingredients and multifunctional formulas that have been dermatologically proven, they do exactly as they say they do.

Fedua: a well-known Italian nail polish brand. Professionals in their field, Fedua offers design and style without containing 7 of the most used and harmful substances that come from lead or petrol.