Cosmeceutical Pioneer in Korea

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Cica Regen Vegan Sun

Wearing sunscreen must be the last step of every skincare routine. Part of Natural Derma line, the essential beauty care line, this 3 in 1 vegan sunscreen nourishes, refreshes and protects your skin. It is suitable for sensitive skin and has been dermatologist tested. In addition, it is non-sticky and non-greasy. It comes in an eco-friendly packaging and is pregnancy-safe.

Pro Balance Pure Cleansing Oil

This cleansing oil is also part of the Natural Derma line of the brand and a must-have in every Korean beauty routine. It is gentle, quick and has moisturizing properties as its formulation contains 44% of sunflower seed oil. This product is perfect for removing waterproof make-up.


This Korean brand uses Dr.Ceuracle laboratory to run clinical tests and research data in order to cure skin. In addition, they offer professional beauty products to deal with different skin concerns formulated with natural ingredients. In fact, they are pioneers in cosmeceutical products in Korea. They propose different lines with different types of products for customers to be able to elaborate the perfect Korean beauty routine, such as products based on botanic science, products developed from scientific proof and products focused on specific concerns.

Dr.Ceuracle’s logo is a combination of a percentage, a symbol of medical science, and two seeds, representing the beginning of a new life. One seed symbolizes the concept of “curing”, the other one “caring”, and the slash indicates the balance between these two concepts. This is the philosophy behind its skincare products.

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Cosmeceutical Pioneer in Korea