BELLA AURORA Products: 69

Radiant, unblemished skin. An expressive face at any age, that can captivate, convey emotions, expressiveness and beauty. This is what Bella Aurora provides.

Sun, stress, hormonal changes and the passage of time are our skin’s main enemies and which accelerate the visible signs of ageing. This is reflected in the skin as dryness, the appearance of dark spots, loss of elasticity, wrinkles, dullness and a lack of luminosity. Bella Aurora corrects this process, recovering the uniformity and brightness of younger skin and, with that, the ability to excite and persuade and thereby boost self-esteem.

Bella Aurora came into being over 120 years ago, in the city of Aurora in the United States. Since its initiation it has specialised in creating luminous, uniform skin free of dark spots at any age.

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