Waterpik Dentaid Water Pik Wp-100 Ultra Électrique Hydropulseur

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The Waterpik Traveler Oral Irrigator WP-300 is the most compact irrigator of the countertop range. It effectively removes oral biofilm (bacterial plaque) and is specially designed for travel and for limited countertop space. The Waterpik Traveler Oral Irrigator WP-300 is 50% smaller than the other countertop irrigators in the Waterpik product range. The reservoir has a 400 ml capacity, allowing for 60 seconds of oral irrigation, and it includes a pressure control system with three settings. Provides easy and convenient irrigation, as all accessories rotate 360º. Plus, its special carrying case, power adapter and automatic voltage selection make it ideal for traveling. The following replacement tips are available: Classic Jet Tip (CN 257202.7), Orthodontic tip (CN 257203.4), Plaque Seeker tip (CN 157999.7) and Tongue Cleaner (CN 305933.6). INDICATIONS: The Waterpik Traveler Oral Irrigator WP-300 is indicated for anyone who wants deep cleaning; it cleans spaces that other cleaning devices cannot reach. It is also indicated for patients with orthodontics, implants or crowns, as well as for people with special needs, such as diabetics or people with periodontal disease. It is ideal for traveling and for limited countertop space. HOW TO USE: Use the Waterpik oral irrigator after brushing, particularly at night, following these instructions: Select a low pressure setting. Direct the stream of water at a 90 degree angle toward gums. Do not start the irrigator until the tip is in your mouth. Close your lips slightly to avoid getting sprayed, but allow water to flow freely from your mouth to the sink. Bend over the sink, holding your arm perpendicularly to your torso. Adjust the pressure according to your needs. Stop the flow of water or turn the unit off before removing the tip from your mouth. Discard remaining liquid, leaving the reservoir empty. For optimum results, start in the molar region (back teeth) and move toward the front teeth. Follow the gum line, pausing briefly from tooth to tooth until you have cleaned the inner and outer surfaces of upper and lower teeth.

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- Dental: Irrigateurs et accessoires

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The company has a rich history of innovation and design, engineering our products to deliver the wellness benefits of water in multiple new-to-the world products – including the iconic Water Flosser and the Original Shower Massage®. Our unique focus leads to incredible breakthrough innovations in technology and wellness. Clinically proven family oral health products, including the Waterpik® Water Flosser. Professional oral health products for preventative and restorative oral care. An extensive selection of Waterpik® shower heads designed to renew, refresh, and rejuvenate.

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