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Abhati Suisse Manali Moisturising Shampoo Bar 58g

Manali Nourishing Solid Shampoo

Get high on clean, hydrated hair and scalp with the cannabis seed oil-infused MANALI Moisturising Shampoo Bar. Manali is a pH-balanced formula that gently yet effectively hydrates without weighing hair down. An expert blend of organic cannabis seed oil and elderberry gives nutrients that restore shine to tired hair, while amino acid-rich spirulina extract stimulates growth and gives hair touchable softness and lustrous shine.


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Chambal Sacred Hair Oil

CHAMBAL Sacred Hair Oil is a rich, golden, healthy growth-encouraging blend of ayurvedic botanicals and Indian oils for all hair types: from fine and straight to coarse and curly. It contains a secret blend of ayurvedic Indian herbs and cold-pressed oils mixed with Himalayan wild cherry oil make this potent antioxidant and vitamin-rich formula naturally condition dry, frizzy, flyaway hair.


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Abhati Suisse Sacred Hair Oil Chambal 50ml

Abhati Suisse manufactures a new skincare generation products that combine the advanced Swiss technology of its patented Abhati Complex™ with Indian tradition. The natural characteristics of its products are: cleansing, moisturizing and soothing. These creams, oils, soaps made for hair, body and face are rich in consistency, conditioning properties and subtle yet addictive fragrances.

Abhati Suisse search consumers who want to look good and also to be ethical by using beautiful and carefully selected products, so they can feel good about shopping with a conscience.

They support local initiatives related to girls education in rural India through their partnership with Educate Girls, because it is the best tool they have to lift women out of poverty.

To date, their sales have made it possible for 392,000 girls to attend school. That’s 392,000 girls learning the tools to create and shape their own futures. That’s why their products are truly conscious beauty.

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