Neoretin Discrom Control Serum Booster Fluid 30ml

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Neoretin Discrom Control Serum Booster Fluid 30ml. Description: Neoretin Fluid Booster Serum is a concentrated, fast absorbing fluid that combines stain and anti-aging technologies. It is formulated with the novel RetinSphere Technology, with great exfoliating and renewing activity. Booster Whitening System also contains a powerful system with six active depigmenting active in all phases of production of melanin. Applied every night helps achieve remarkable control of cutaneous depigmentation *. How does Neoretin Fluid Booster Serum to the skin? Helps exfoliation and epidermal renewal. Wrinkles and acne are softened and the skin becomes smooth and bright. Prevent the formation of melanin. The spots are reduced and skin tone becomes more even. * Efficacy study conducted in 40 patients for 60 days. 73% of patients noticed a visible improvement in skin discolouration and in 19% of cases the melanin index decreased significantly. Composition: 1% RetinSphere® Technology, 12.8% Whitening Booster System, 10% Moisturizing System, 3% Active Anti-Irritant.

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Product features:
- Gender: Unisex
- Skin Treatment: Anti-Aging & Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Blemish, Moisturizer
- Texture/Format: Serum
- Skin Type: Uneven Skin
- Area to be treated: Face

Product Reference: #49685

Cantabria Labs, as a pharmaceutical company, invests a high percentage (12%) of its turnover in research to ensure maximum scientific efficacy and rigour. The efficacy and tolerability of NEORETIN has been demonstrated by numerous clinical trials published in leading international scientific and medical journal. It provides powerful lightening and pigment control results in different skin types and ethnicities.

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Average product rating: 9 - Excellent
  • Good product - great quality - have used in the past and it's great.

    John | 30/01/2021

  • Been using for about 6 weeks to treat malasma, to soon to confirm the results I wanted however skin is very fresh and youthful

    Earem | 23/12/2020

  • This product is a miracle in a bottle, worked within one week of using. Skin is spotless, smooth and hydrated. Definitely recommended!!

    Tan | 12/07/2020

  • I have been using this product for three years after my melasma treatment. My dermatologist recommended it. I am glad I can find it at Beauty the Shop.

    Vor. | 09/12/2016

  • I've been using this serum for more than a year prescribed by my dermatologist for preventing melasma spreading. It truly helps reducing melasma spreading on my face.

    Vor. | 23/05/2016

  • My items were well packed and and dispatched right away.

    Gladys |  11/04/2024 16:43:07

  • Absolutely amazing!

    Brandon |  11/04/2024 06:34:11

  • customer service was amazing

    Jesus |  10/04/2024 06:26:50

  • Great service recieved order onmly 1 or two days after expected date. Overall very happy !

    Sal |  08/04/2024 16:03:41

  • Great service, package came in in about a week.Lots of protection to make sure the cologne is well cured!

    Daniel |  02/04/2024 03:23:42

  • really good

    Alejandro |  28/03/2024 22:10:11

  • My order was filled and shipped quickly.

    Aaron |  28/03/2024 06:41:21

  • No response but a lot of updates

    Beckham |  27/03/2024 13:18:01

  • Very happy

    Allyson |  27/03/2024 11:28:55

  • amazing atention online I back to buy more from this store

    Luis |  27/03/2024 02:41:22

  • Good

    Willy |  26/03/2024 20:59:09

  • I didn’t really use customer service but good

    Karly |  26/03/2024 14:31:45

  • FedEx Priority : Coming from Spain, I thought it was good, came in a week. You do have to sign for the package though, because its considered dangerous goods shipment by FedEx. So keep that in mind. other than that it was fast and tracking was good.

    Tyler | 24/03/2024 15:01:22

  • FedEx Priority : Both bottles received timely and undamaged. The only inconvenience is that they would not leave the package without a person signing for such package. They did leave a door slip, I signed and left the slip stuck to my door, they returned and took the slip and left the package.

    Larry | 21/03/2024 21:40:24

  • FedEx Priority : Great Packaging came in a timely manner can't say anything negative at all.

    Kory | 20/03/2024 21:38:46

  • FedEx Priority : Carefully delivered, respectful of property

    Faith | 18/03/2024 15:02:46

  • FedEx Priority : Fast shipping and great care of package

    Matthew | 13/03/2024 19:02:16

  • FedEx Priority : Spot on

    Jorge | 12/03/2024 15:04:50

  • FedEx Priority : Ordered the package on 2/28 it said it was gonna come 3/1-3/4 and it came 3/7.

    jack helms | 12/03/2024 12:50:19

  • FedEx Priority : Timely delivery

    Roberto | 12/03/2024 11:38:21

  • FedEx Priority : Shipped from Spain to USA in a very timely fashion!

    Ethan | 10/03/2024 03:39:51

  • FedEx Priority : Nice and smooth, asked for the signature and was good to go.

    Brandon | 07/03/2024 07:23:06

  • FedEx Priority : FedEx is good - tracking but still havent recieved it. It’s coming from Spain so understandable.

    Elliot | 05/03/2024 17:40:34

  • FedEx Priority : pretty chill dude

    Matthew ???????? | 04/03/2024 06:45:20

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