Poetry, nature and culture at the heart of every fragrance, GOUTAL PARIS

Goutal Paris



A fragrance is much more than an aroma. It is an essence of its own, an exclusive identity and our personal signature. By perceiving the scent of a perfume we can experience different emotions and perceive different sensations. Yearning memories of the past, traveling to happy times, remembering loved ones ... And the thing is that there is nothing that makes us feel more special than listening from the lips of a loved one the words "It reminds me of you".

Goutal Paris brings us such significant valuable sensorial experiences. At the heart of every creation lies poetry, nature and culture. We will briefly tell you the story of the creator and the perfume house so that you can understand the reason.



The creator of the niche perfume brand Goutal Paris was Annick Goutal. A unique, brave and visionary woman full of emotion, edginess and intuition. As a little girl, Annick was a prodigious girl with a prosperous career as a pianist, but she rebelled against a pre-established destiny and started a new path as a model.

Her interest in knowledge and her curiosity about the world of perfumery led her to Grasse, a French town where there are three large Houses dedicated to the perfume industry. The town has even served as the setting for much of the well-known novel El perfume. In Grasse he met the man who changed her life, the perfumer Sorsanou, discovering her true passion and the path of her life, the world of perfume. In 1979, Annick Goutal became a perfumer and in 1981 she composed her first fragrance, the iconic Eau d'Hadrien.

Now you will find it easier to understand the essence of Goutal's unique and exceptional fragrances marked by sensorial qualities, the gift of composition and the innate talent of its creator.

Each fragrance tells a story that can be experienced on the skin and with the senses. A mixture of poetry, exuberant nature and eternal culture, creating a unique style.

These fundamental values ​​have been transmitted to the present. At the Maison Goutal, with the daughter of the founder Camille Goutal, as a creative director, together with Isabelle Doyen, a faithful perfumer of the brand from the beginning, they have continued working on the composition of each fragrance in harmony, maintaining the essence of the elegance, French refinement and exquisite luxurious craftsmanship.



Goutal Paris



Eau d'Hadrien by Goutal Paris

"Nature and its wonders guide me ... My emotions become scents, I called Perfume to the dream that transports me", Annick Goutal.

Eau d'Hadrien, created by Annick Goutal in 1981, is the perfume par excellence of Goutal. It is a fragrance inspired by the Italian Tuscany and has a version for women and another for men. A unisex perfume of the aromatic citrus olfactory family.

Its aromatic notes are: sicilian lemon, citrus, grapefruit, green mandarin, ylang-ylang, cypress and bergamot.


Petit Chérie by Goutal Paris

Petit Chérie is the fragrance created by Annick Goutal in 1998 as a tribute to her daughter, Camille Goutal. The gift of a mother to her daughter.

In an enchanted garden, a pear tree blooms next to a blooming rose bush. Not totally feminine, not totally childish, Petite Chérie discovers the tenderness of a kiss between the flower and the fruit. A fragrance to hold with a fruity, floral and musky aroma.

Petit Chérie reflects femininity, innocence, glamour and pleasure with a seductive touch.


If you want a sophisticated, delicate perfume with personality, different from conventional fragrances, Goutal Paris will enchant you