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Natural treatment to sleep better at night. 50 gummies containing melatonin and vitamin B6. Improves sleep quality. Physical and mental relaxation. Perfect supplement for children and teenagers, but also suitable for adults.
Contains: 1mg of melatonin and 0,7mg of vitamin B6, per unit.

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Product features:
- SUPPLEMENTS: Sleep and Rest

Product Reference: #8470001847010
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Average product rating: 10 - Perfect
  • Excellent for a relaxing sleep with no after affects

    Flora Pereira | 18/10/2023

  • excellent product - I sleep very very well and wake up refreshed - amazing product

    Flora | 09/02/2023

  • Excellent product for short term sleep issues. Half to one gummy helps us to get a good night's sleep. Grape flavour is pleasant tasting.

    Caroline | 07/02/2023

  • Great product and really effective with helping to sleep and definitely will buy again.

    Bill | 08/01/2023

  • Works wonderful and helps relax the mind and body for a new day

    Kelly | 27/11/2022

  • It's a great product. I love it so much. Before I finish this one, I'm going to buy another one. thank you very much.

    Carmelita | 22/09/2022

  • Really impressed with these gummies, will definitely be ordering again

    Bethany | 23/03/2022

  • Repeat order as these have proved so useful for my son's poor sleep

    Margaret | 20/02/2022

  • Happy to have found this product, this works very well for my ASD son who cannot seem to switch off for a good nights rest

    Anke | 03/01/2022

  • This product is a good support in helping children who have difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep- so thank you for a great product.

    Se | 09/12/2021

  • These gummies have proved to be the best to help my son ease into a restful sleep. He's happy taking them each evening

    Donna | 27/09/2021

  • These are brilliant for a little boy who massively struggles with going to sleep

    Emma | 22/09/2021

  • Love this site, great prices and fast shipping

    Stephanie |  22/02/2024 09:54:31

  • service is excellent.- very professional

    Robert |  21/02/2024 07:20:54

  • This was a first time purchase from Beauty the Shop of which I knew nothing about. However, I wanted a superior frankincense fragrance called Royal Incense by Omanluxury, which is of superior quality at a relatively reasonable price offered by Beauty the Shop. Their response was good, and I am happy with my purchase. Packaging was well done to keep the fragrance safe in transit. Would buy from them again.

    Sherman |  13/02/2024 18:48:51

  • I really enjoyed speaking to the representatives. They were all very warm and friendly

    Ellias |  13/02/2024 16:40:40

  • Beauty The Shop has the best customer service. they'll give the customer an exact date when you'll get the package. They never fail, and they are very accurate. Thank you Beauty The Shop you're the best.

    william |  11/02/2024 13:26:48

  • Customer service was great, packaging was phenomenal and the email system is wonderful as well.

    Mustafa |  09/02/2024 09:57:42

  • Easy buying experience

    Phil |  08/02/2024 15:11:19

  • Detailed and safe packaged for an amazing prize

    Karla |  06/02/2024 23:38:14

  • Amazing fast shipping, received it pretty quickly

    Hesham Raghib |  05/02/2024 06:31:41

  • I didn't have a need to deal with customer service. I've dealt with your firm previously and will continue to do business with you. Excellent service.

    Tom |  17/01/2024 06:49:13

  • Always very responsive

    Belen |  11/01/2024 12:05:14

  • Online service is great, order quickly and easily.

    Lea Raker |  11/01/2024 03:17:12

  • FedEx Priority : Quick, keeps me updated of every step and notifies when it arrives

    Belen | 11/01/2024 12:05:14

  • FedEx Priority : No complains with FedEx

    Lea Raker | 11/01/2024 03:17:12

  • FedEx Priority : Boxed very well and was updated as product was shipping.

    Nicole | 09/01/2024 07:12:30

  • FedEx Priority : Super well packaged!

    Alejandro R. | 12/12/2023 14:58:30

  • FedEx Priority : I get my order super fast once shipped and get it faster than the date given. Hands down best shipper

    Danielle | 12/12/2023 11:55:27

  • FedEx Priority : It was shipped quickly

    LUIS | 12/12/2023 08:12:47

  • FedEx Priority : A++

    Anonymous | 11/12/2023 03:01:12

  • FedEx Priority : Excellent

    Sylvia Tingle | 07/12/2023 18:51:37

  • FedEx Priority : Extraordinary the quickness of the service from Spain to USA

    Luis Rodriguez | 07/12/2023 13:32:42

  • FedEx Priority : Fast delivery

    Selina | 06/12/2023 12:53:07

  • FedEx Priority : The delivery was quick like 3 days. Packaged well and secure!

    Cochelle | 06/12/2023 07:40:39

  • FedEx Priority : Very pleased with delivery of package and speed of delivery

    Cortney | 05/12/2023 14:41:04

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