Protextrem™ Suncare Aftersun 200ml

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protextrem® | Protextrem™ suncare aftersun 200ml Theexposure to the sun can change the well-being of the skin, even accelerating the process of skin aging and the appearance of irritation, burns and immediate redness. If, after a day at the beach or pool, you find your skin irritated, you need to apply some treatment to help it recover its natural well-being and soothe irritation. Protextrem® suncare aftersun is a post-sun emulsion with active ingredients that activate the repair of the skin, providing elasticity and aiding regeneration, rich in rosehip oil and aloe vera. Its ingredients are first class, ensuring a renewal of the skin, providing elasticity and nutrition. Its main benefits are: More elastic, silky and soft skin. Quick absorption. Dermatologically tested. After sun exposure, moisturize your skin! Instructions for use Apply to clean, dry skin after sun exposure. Composition AQUA. C12-15 ALKYL BENZOATE. CYCLOPENTASILOXANE. GLYCERIN. ALOE BARBADENSIS EXTRACT. ROSA RUBIGINOSA SEED OIL. BISABOLOL. ASCORBIC ACID. LAURETH-9. TOCOPHERYL ACETATE. LAURYL GLLUCOSIDE. CITRIC ACID. POLYGLYCERYL-2 DIPOLYHYDROXYSTEARATE. STEARETH-2. SODIUM HYDROXIDE. ETHYLHEXYLGLYCERIN. SODIUM SULFITE. SODIUM BENZOATE. POTASSIUM SORBATE. PHENOXYETHANOL. EDTA DISODIUM. PARFUM. PRICE PER 100 ML 4,16 € / 100 ml Share

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