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What is Ozonest Ophthalmic Wipes?
Ozonest Ophthalmic Wipes are eye wipes for the prevention of infections in the pericular area in adults and children. Cleans any discharge from your eyes and relieves symptoms of allergies or sties.
Ozonest Ophthalmic Wipes effectively remove secretions of cellular waste such as eye lint and other contaminants from eyelids or eyelashes that are naturally secreted during inflammatory conditions of the eye such as blepharitis, blepharoconjunctivitis and styes, but also in cases of blows or rubbing in the periocular area.
Its formulation with vegetable oil and liposomes promotes hydration and stabilises the eye's natural tears and reduces evaporation of the aqueous layer, helping to prevent the eye from drying out and providing immediate relief.
What are the benefits of Ozonest Ophthalmic Wipes?
Ophthalmic wipes for the prevention of infections in the periocular area.
Cleans away eye lint and other contaminants from eyelids and eyelashes.
Relieves symptoms of allergies and styes.
Stabilises the eye's natural tears.
Helps prevent the eye from drying out.
Suitable for adults and children.
What is Ozonest Ophthalmic Wipes indicated for?
Ozonest Ophthalmic Wipes are indicated for cleansing and moisturising eyelids and eyelashes. They eliminate eyelid and eyelash secretions associated with inflammations such as blepharitis and blepharoconjunctivitis, both infectious and allergic, as well as sties, while providing immediate relief from the symptoms associated with these conditions. It also reduces the risk of infections caused by bacteria on eyelids and eyelashes before or after eye surgery.
Ozonest Ophthalmic Wipes can be used by adults and children.
Ozonest Ophthalmic Wipes mode of use
With clean hands, open the sachet and remove the wipe.
Unfold completely and gently wipe over the edge of the eyelid and eyelashes with the eye closed.
Single use wipes.

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Product features:
- Eye Care: Dry Eyes

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