Svr Densitium Baume Nuit 50ml

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The new DENSITIUM offers 360° dermatological correction for more effective action against all signs of ageing: dryness, wrinkles, sagging, lack of radiance and uneven texture.
DENSITIUM BAUME NUIT has been specially formulated to support the skin through the changes of menopause and to meet the needs of mature skin. It counteracts the effects of the disruption of the skin's biological clock.
As effective as it is premium, DENSITIUM BAUME NUIT is formulated around a comprehensive core complex:
Ultra-fragmented hyaluronic acid and Bio-calcium, assets that have always been associated with this range, to repulp and redensify the skin, obtaining firmer and more defined facial contours. Enriched with probiotics and a couple of amino acids, skin is more even, radiant and robust. The formula is complemented with tetrapeptides for a powerful regenerating action, resulting in fresh and smoothed skin upon awakening, the effect of a good night's sleep.
Its nourishing and enveloping texture, delicately scented, soothes and comforts the skin.
What's more, it is a product with an eco-friendly design, formulated with 95% natural ingredients and eco-responsible packaging:
100% recyclable glass bottle
Bakelite lid, a cellulose material made from wood from ecologically managed forests (FSC/PEFC).
The skin is nourished and comfortable for longer.
After just one night, the surface area of wrinkles and dark spots is reduced.

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Product features:
- Treatments: Anti-wrinkle and Anti-aging

Product Reference: #283350
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