Institut Esthederm Intensive Propolis + Zinc Loción-Serum 130ml

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Lotion-serum as light as water and as powerful as a serum that combines the properties of propolis and zinc. The first step of treatment that purifies the skin, acts on the shine and visibly reduces the residual marks left by imperfections. For smoother, healthier skin.
It regulates excess sebum, reduces pore size and helps eliminate imperfections and residual scars. Strengthens skin protection against oxidative stress to prevent and reduce signs of aging.
For adult skin with imperfections, shines and acne tendency.
Apply morning and night to clean skin with the help of a cotton pad on the face and neck. Do not apply to the eye contour.

Shop Online Institut Esthederm Intensive Propolis + Zinc Loción-Serum 130ml at best price.
Product features:
- Face: Serum
- Cleansers: Toner
- Skin Type: Oily Skin, Mixed Skin, Acne

Product Reference: #257893

Inspired by professional aesthetics, inspired by life and sun living, Esthederm is a brand like no other. It doesn't blow its own trumpet: it's just a murmur - the sound of women whispering to one another. They started to use Esthederm because they were looking for treatments, sun and well-being. And they’ve never stopped. They talk of having a helping hand at all times - unique expertise that changed the fate of their skin and finally revealed its beauty.

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Average product rating: 10 - Perfect
  • I am very astonished that this face serum/lotion contains propolis, as it is antibacterial and contains many benefits. I can definitely feel the healing properties of this serum, which is moisturizing and reducing wrinkles. I noticed that my skin felt more firm and healthy after using this serum and I love the way it is absorbed right away.

    Irish | 12/08/2021

  • Highly recommended

    Alexa | 09/04/2021

  • truly a spectacular product! I’ve wanted something with zinc that helps to keep my oil at bay while also not drying out my skin too much. This is absolutely going to be on my must haves list since it is both luxurious and very effective. Good price point and a very respectable brand.

    Flora | 18/10/2020

  • I adore this product was my first time to try it, and i’m super happy with the results and how it is very easy to apply. I loved the smell.

    Daphne | 12/05/2020

  • I'm most impressed with the excellent service and supper fast shipping. I will use Beauty The Shop for more of our family needs!

    Kat |  10/07/2024 14:48:40

  • I didn't interact with anyone directly. Emails were timely and I received delivery notifications.

    Jenine |  09/07/2024 07:16:23

  • Prep and send everything fast - prompt emails communication . No clear how we can connect with them with questions. But once you know what you want it is all smoothly

    Fabiola |  07/07/2024 19:13:45

  • Excellent

    Lorena |  02/07/2024 06:44:37

  • Very good

    Caliz |  01/07/2024 14:26:55

  • Great Great response and delivery time!

    Darlene |  27/06/2024 15:17:44


    raymond |  25/06/2024 17:28:00

  • easy ordering

    Michael |  24/06/2024 18:57:12

  • Prompt responses

    Kiiki |  23/06/2024 08:33:23

  • Great site to buy new releases!

    Jenny |  13/06/2024 03:58:26

  • Prompt and efficient.

    Susana |  07/06/2024 06:27:48

  • The best 10 out 10

    Salvador |  05/06/2024 22:36:40

  • FedEx Priority : Some difficulty as I wasn't expecting a signature to be required.

    Jenine | 09/07/2024 07:16:23

  • FedEx Priority : Very fast - prompt delivery . I live in NY and always deliver as per expectations

    Fabiola | 07/07/2024 19:13:45

  • FedEx Priority : Excellent, super fast

    Lorena | 02/07/2024 06:44:37

  • FedEx Priority : Fast and efficient

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  • FedEx Priority : Very fast and timely delivery!

    Darlene | 27/06/2024 15:17:44

  • FedEx Priority : Literally shipped to me halfway around the globe in just a couple days! AMAZING!!!

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  • FedEx Priority : Fast Delivery

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  • FedEx Priority : Timely delivery! Arrived earlier than scheduled

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  • FedEx Priority : Perfect Delivery

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  • FedEx Priority : So good

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  • FedEx Priority : Fast shipping with no issues

    Edgar | 07/05/2024 15:59:32

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