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Babies, especially when they are still a few months old, have very vulnerable and sensitive skin. They are "born perfect", but any external factor can pose a threat to their skin.
Bepanthol has created a special formula that protects babies' delicate skin from irritation.
Bepanthol Baby is an easy-to-apply baby skin ointment that provides a breathable, transparent barrier, repairing the skin and protecting your baby's bottom from irritation and redness.
Babies' skin is very reactive and sensitive, and needs a product specifically formulated to protect and care for it. Bepanthol Baby contains:
Emollients: which form a protective barrier that prevents dehydration and insulates from irritating substances.
Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5): which promotes the natural regeneration of the skin.
In addition, this protective ointment for babies can be used at every nappy change as it contains no perfume, colourings or preservatives and is clinically tested even on premature babies.
How to use
The first time you use Bepanthol Baby, unscrew the cap, unseal the tube and screw it back on.
Apply a generous layer to the clean, dry skin of your baby's nappy area and gently massage the ointment in.
You can use this protective baby ointment as many times a day as needed, after bathing and every nappy change.
Non-occlusive, easy to apply and remove.
Bepanthol Baby is developed to protect baby's bottom skin.
However, it can also be used by the mother to protect and care for the nipple, especially during breastfeeding. It is recommended to clean with water before each feeding.

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Product features:
- Moisturiser: Bum Care

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