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Talika Regenerating  Serum  Skintelligence Hydra 30ml

Hydrating Serum

This excellent serum combines the best of anti-aging and anti-pollution active ingredients with green microalgae prebiotics, which strengthen the skin's defenses and stimulate cell regeneration. Its delicate formula merges with the skin to deliver all its benefits: anti-wrinkle, firming, brightening, moisturizing.

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Lipocils Mascara Black

LIPOCILS MASCARA is more than a professional grade mascara, not only does it leave your eyelashes strong and beautiful: it also contains the Mythical Plant Complex which has been proven to stimulate eyelash growth. Thanks to its dual-action technology, LIPOCILS MASCARA instantly gives you stronger, more intense lashes while simultaneously working on your lash growth for long-term results.

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Talika Lipocils Mascara Black 8.5ml

At TALIKA, each product is a living being with a date of birth, a purpose and a destiny. Born from a love story between a researcher and the mysteries of Nature that he explores and seeks to decipher, each creation is the result of an innovation.

Since 1948, TALIKA has taken inspiration from the treasures of the Living World to develop ever-innovative treatments, in order to allow each woman to radiate their natural beauty at every stage of their life.

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A unique vision of beauty