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Goutal Paris Eau D'Hadrien Eau De Parfum Spray 50ml

Eau D’Hadrien

Sometimes a simple reading can transform you, can change everything. For Annick Goutal, it was Memoirs of Hadrian by Marguerite Yourcenar one summer in Italy. More than a memory, this fragrance encapsulates a whole countryside illuminated by the Tuscan sun, a cocktail of bright citrus fruits, a perfume of delicious freshness, discreetly elegant and incredibly modern. The first great success of the House, the timeless Eau D'Hadrien.

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Etoile D'Une Nuit

Just a few minutes before heading out to embrace the night. She takes out her favorite powder and caresses her face with light strokes of the brush. She ties a satin scarf around her neck, her bare skin imbued with the scent of makeup.

A powdery cloud as elegant as her lipstick with a soft and creamy cosmetic scent that highlights her colorful personality.

In just a few moments, all eyes will be on her.

Purchase from $150.05
Goutal Paris Etoile d'Une Nuit Eau De Perfume Spray 50ml

The creator of the niche perfume brand Goutal Paris was Annick Goutal. A unique, brave and visionary woman full of emotion, edginess and intuition. As a little girl, Annick was a prodigious girl with a prosperous career as a pianist, but she rebelled against a pre-established destiny and started a new path as a model.

Her interest in knowledge and her curiosity about the world of perfumery led her to Grasse, a French town where there are three large Houses dedicated to the perfume industry. The town has even served as the setting for much of the well-known novel El perfume. In Grasse he met the man who changed her life, the perfumer Sorsanou, discovering her true passion and the path of her life, the world of perfume. In 1979, Annick Goutal became a perfumer and in 1981 she composed her first fragrance, the iconic Eau d'Hadrien.

Each fragrance tells a story that can be experienced on the skin and with the senses. A mixture of poetry, exuberant nature and eternal culture, creating a unique style.


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