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Carita has made the dreams of women worldwide come true, giving them the power to use a multifunctional aesthetic device from the comfort of their living room, guaranteeing immediate and long-lasting results. My C.L.E is the first Carita home beauty device that will give you an unbeatable skin care experience.

My C.L.E  is inspired by the Cinetic Life Experience beauty treatments that are offered in professional aesthetic centres, hence the name My C.L.E (Cinetic Life Centre) which was born to offer the same results from the comfort of our homes.

This device was developed and created to give your skin all that it needs thanks to its four beauty programmes that focus on firmness, uniformity, texture and brightness. To achieve this they have combined two of the most used technologies by experts: microcurrents and LED lights.

Microcurrents stimulate your skin's muscular fibres to gain a reaffirming effect and instant tensing, redefining this way your face’s oval. For this, there are five intensity settings depending on the sensitivity of your skin.

The LED lights improve cellular activity and optimize the benefits of Carita cosmetics that you use before the treatment. Each light is designed for a specific reason and Carita recommends combining them with the ideal serum for each programme. This is a cosmetic device designed to be used on your face, neck and chest.

All you need is four minutes to give your skin the professional care that it deserves with one of the My C.L.E beauty programmes.



The four My C.L.E beauty programmes

As we mentioned before, each light is a different and unique programme, and gives us a certain result:

  • RED LED LIGHT: Restores firmness and elasticity. To obtain better face contour firmness apply the Serum Progressif Neomorphose Combleur Fondamental and do static movements. Progressif Neomorphose Combleur Fondamental is a filling serum with a gel texture that combines with your skin to give you a smoothing and redensifying double action. It fills out wrinkles and redensifies, leaving you skin with a healthy rosy tone, full of brightness.


  • GREEN LED LIGHT: Unifies your skin's tone. The ideal serum for this function is the Progressif Néomorphose Clarté Fondamental. An anti-blotch serum that as well as intensely hydrating your skin that to its concentrated actives, unifies your skin's tone regulating your skin's pigmentation, it’s xilosa, acetyl C and white mulberry content acts against the signs that cause premature aging of the skin.


  • BLUE LED LIGHT: Perfects your skin's look. It helps to reduce imperfections and dilated pores. Serum Ideal Controle Poudré. Its formula stabilizes sebum release , obstructing the appearance of imperfections such as pores, spots or blackheads. It also smoothed the look of your skin, making it silky and radiant.


  • WHITE LED LIGHT: Betters your face’s brightness and reduces your skin’s signs of fatigue. For this treatment the ideal serum is the Serum Ideal Hydration Des Lagons, a serum that removed the feeling of tiredness from your skin, refreshing it and giving back its brightness. Using it daily will give your skin elasticity and new life, making it feel healthy. Use circular movements with the My C.L.E with microcurrents and combining it with white LED.

 Carita My C.L.E High Performance Device

 How do you use it?

  • Apply the Serum depending on the programme you plan to use.
  • Switch the device on by pushing the ON/OFF button once.
  • To use the LED LIGHT press the MODE button once, then choose the LED light colour that you wish to use. Once for red light, twice for blue light, three times for green light and four times for white light.
  • To use the microcurrents option press MODE for a second time. Adjust the intensity of the microcurrents with one being the least intense and five the most intense, then pressing SELECT.
  • Finally, if you wish to change the duration of the treatment, choose the configuration by clicking the MODE button then change the time by pressing SELECT.
  • To switch the device off press the ON/OFF button.




As you can see, using the My. C.L.E  is quick, simple and very intuitive. In just four minutes you can benefit from a My C.L.E programme, and it gives you the ability to use a combination and mix them depending on your skin’s needs on the day.

At BeautyTheShop you can find the My C.L.E at an unbeatable price. Start enjoying professional results without leaving your home.


Professional beauty treatment My C.L.E



Note: returns can be made up to a maximum of one week after receiving the device