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Me And Me Strech Marks Firming Bust Balm 75ml

Strech Marks Firming Bust Balm

The invisible bond.

The moisturising anti-stretchmark balm helps to keep bust firm, unswollen and without cracking, during and after pregnancy, as it is safe for the mother and the baby, even during breastfeeding.

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Firming and Cellulite Smoother

Your love has no limits, but your skin does.

Highly efficient, double action, unique on the marketPrevents the formation of stretchmarks, reduces existing ones and increases the skin’s firmness to prevent flaccidity, taking care of your skin from the first few weeks and for as long as you want.

Endocrine disrupting free cosmetics.

Me and Me are cosmetic solutions for the health of your skin and help it support the demands of pregnancy. To do this, they take a holistic approach, stimulating the body’s natural mechanisms to better adapt to the physiological and emotional changes experienced by pregnant women and new mums.

This is Me and Me. Because  stress during pregnancy can affect your baby and it is important that you are as relaxed (balanced) as possible. So our products not only give you evident skin results after the first applications, but also an emotional benefit. Therefore, we have based the most recent biotechnological research and the principles of neurocosmetics to include in our formulas ingredients that reduce the production of cortisol – the hormone responsible for stress – helping you to avoid tension and feel better.

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