Apivita Mens Tonic Shampoo With Hippophae Tc And Rosemary 250ml


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Hair loss is due both to internal and external factors. Men's Tonic Shampoo strengthens and nourishes lifeless hair, contributes to the regulation of oiliness, while at the same time it improves micro-circulation at hair roots and enhances their development.
Strengthens hair against hair loss, increases hair density and strength, thanks to Hippophae TC and lupin proteins. Restores the health of the scalp and enables healthy hair growth, thanks to the antimicrobial propolis extract. Strengthens and revitalizes hair roots with various tonic ingredients: 4 vitamins, wheat proteins and ginseng*, cinchona, thyme* and lavender* extracts. Offers gentle cleansing and respects both the physiology and the normal flora of the scalp, thanks to mild surfactants, saponaria and APISHIELD HS. Contributes to oiliness regulation, leaves hair fluffy and with volume, thanks to liquorice roots, equisetum extract and a special mixture of essential oils. Protects from external effects: styling, pollution thanks to APISHIELD HS. DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED
Clinical Study Results
Tones scalp and hair (84%) Treats hair loss effectively (72%) Increase hair density and strength (72%) Found it better than their own shampoo and would buy it (72%).

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Product features:
- Gender: Men
- Hair: Shampoo
- Hair Type: Fragile Hair
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