Apivita Mens Care Hair And Body Wash 250ml


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Practical hair and body wash that gently cleanses both hair and body without causing irritations to the skin and scalp, while providing antiseptic action and revitalizing.
Mild cleansing agents and natural saponaria (soapwort) used instead of soap cleanse effectively without causing irritations and dehydration. The combination of organic ingredients - such as cardamom, ginseng and jojoba oil - provides antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and toning attributes, while at the same time it moisturizes and leave skin soft. Propolis and licorice provide antiseptic action and regulate oiliness while, in combination with organic olive extract and almond oil, they protects from free radicals and environmental pollutants (smog, cigarette smoke, heavy metals etc). Organic cardamom, clary sage, lemon and cedar essential oils rejuvenate the skin and boost the mood by driving stress away and enhancing concentration. Water from organic cardamom infusion provides antioxidant and antiseptic attributes. Ideal for use at the gym or during holidays as well as for daily use. DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED

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Product features:
- Body: Gels

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