Jeanne Piaubert Grain Fin Body Scrub 200ml

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 Méthode Jeanne Piaubert Research has created GRAIN FIN: a body exfoliator combining exfoliating, cleansing and soothing actions to restore peachy skin in one application.
- The microbeads exfoliate the skin without damaging it.
- The Silk extract forms a protective film and prevents skin irritation.
- The Peach extract gives the skin a satin-smooth, velvety feel.
- The Aloe vera delivers hydration and repair. Your skin is smooth and soft like silk. With optimum protection against drying out, it maintains its suppleness and hydration.
USE: 2 to 3 times a week, place a dollop of exfoliator in the palm of your hand and gently rub it onto the body, focusing on the rough areas (feet, elbows, knees). Its cream texture transforms into a mousse on contact with water. Rinse with warm water. Avoid contact with the eyes.
100% Softer skin.

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Product features:
- Gender: Women
- Bath & Body: Body Scrub & Peeling
- Area to be treated: Body

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In the twenties, Jeanne Piaubert realised the importance of simultaneously using skin care, electrical current and massage to optimize the body’s beauty.She named her exclusive method Active Dermoplastics, bringing together three sciences that work together to maximise the benefits of treatment in the salon and at home: cosmetics, phyisics and mecanics. 

Distributed in more than 40 countries, Method Jeanne Piaubert products are a key reference for reshaping the face and body, as well as in salon treatment.

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  • Apart from exfoliating, it leaves the skin very hydrated, it does not harm it and makes it very soft, I also love its peculiar smell! Thank you so much to the girls in the store for advising me this product

    Olivia | 14/10/2019

  • very helpful

    Hanni |  15/05/2018

  • I didn't have to deal with customer service so can't really rate it.

    Sarah |  26/01/2017

  • I received the packet at the indicated day and hour, thank you

    Jessica |  18/01/2017

  • great site and wonderful products

    amy |  13/01/2017

  • Very good price and product

    Amber |  14/12/2016

  • i loved, the customer service contacted me to informed that my packet was on my way home. Great service.

    Emma |  10/12/2016

  • I have been looking for this product everywhere and this is the web with the best price

    Caitlin |  07/12/2016

  • The communication about the shipping process was great and much appreciated.

    Ethan |  07/12/2016

  • It's easier than going to the store and cheaper

    hannah |  25/11/2016

  • Website was easy to navigate, and my order was packaged well and shipped very promptly.

    Kayla |  14/11/2016

  • I bought cause of the sales but the service really impressed me

    Emershan |  11/11/2016

  • FedEx Priority : 5 delivery was very prompt

    Hanni | 15/05/2018

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