You’ll want these nail polishes for summer (and you know it)

This summer, you have no excuse! We’ll help you show off the nails of your dreams with little effort and with only the highest quality products, which are long-lasting and care for and nourish your nails.

Here we present you with the latest nail trends for this summer. You’ll want to wear different nails every day!

The colors of summer

The year 2016 is marked by soft colors that almost look like pastels. And on nails, these colors and the biggest trend. We love rose quartz, the color of the year for 2016 as chosen by Pantone (along with serenity blue), for summer nails, especially if you have already gotten a nice tan. We love the contrast, and we have selected a polish for you in the charming rose quartz color, which also protects your nails: number 155 by Dior Vernis, which is called “Tra La La,” a fun name for a perfect nail polish.

Soft peach is another one of the colors for this summer. Our favorite is 03 Soft Peach by Clarins, a must-have for summer.

Dior Vernis 155 Tra La La (rose quartz) / Clarins Glossy 03 Soft Peach

Dior Vernis 155 Tra La La (rose quartz)  Clarins Glossy 03 Soft Peach

Gloss and more gloss with the “strass” effect

This nail texture has been trending for some time, and we can already see manicures with the “strass” effect, a special textured gloss that is applied just like regular nail polish for unique and glamorous nails. To get the perfect effect, we recommend using aquamarine nail polish by Collistar: Jewel Strass Effect 620 (Rhinestone Aquamarine). Will you dare to try the “strass” effect?

Collistar Jewel Strass Effect 620 (Rhinestone Aquamarine)

Collistar Jewel Strass Effect 620 (Rhinestone Aquamarine)  

Source: image by Demelza’s world

A match: nails and makeup

Nails and makeup of the same color is the main premise of this trend. You can combine them however you want: nails and lips, nails and eyeshadows, nails and eyeliner … whatever you prefer!

On this occasion we offer this coordinating look in an intense eggplant color. Get the look with nail polish by Bourjois 1 Seconde number 46, Berry Important Person and the lip balm by Sisley in berry.

Bourjois 1 Seconde 46 (Berry Important Person) / Sisley Phyto Lip Twist (Berry)

Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Enamel 46 Berry Important Person      Sisley Phyto Lip Twist Berry

“Negative space” manicure

This technique requires a bit of talent, but with a little practice you’ll be able to do it. You can also guide yourself with tape in order to get better results, especially if you don’t have a very steady hand.

The idea is to draw something on the nail while leaving a part without enamel, generally lines and geometric shapes. To carry out this simple idea, we offer you the opportunity to choose the color that you like the best. We found this idea on Pinterest by Lulus Blog in fuchsia. We recommend the nail polish by Collistar Gloss with chrome effect (tone 661 Fuchsia).

Collistar Gloss Nail Lacquer Chrome Effect 661 Fuchsia  

French manicure … reinvented

We all know the French manicure, that technique where we apply white polish to the tip of the nail and leave the rest very light, practically transparent and generally pink.

The technique has been reinvented and now it is done in any color, with texture … and in any combination you can think of.  Our favorite is Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish 29 Mellow Yellow, a must-have for summer.

 Max Effect Mini Nail Polish 29 Mellow Yellow

Red goes with everything

If there is a color that triumphs year after year for nail polish on both your hands and feet, it’s the color red. In this instance we present you with a 3D “gel effect” nail polish, in red with gold highlights: Dior Vernis nail polish 758 Victoire. It’s ideal for practically any summery outfit.

Dior Vernis nail polish 758 Victoire (red/gold with 3D “gel effect”)

Dior Vernis Nail Lacquers 758 Victoire 

Source: image by Polished Polyglot