Neostrata Correct Antioxidant Defense Serum Intensive Renewal 30ml

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The active antioxidant serum of strata skin defense enhances your daily skin care with a powerful and concentrated serum that is formulated to counteract the Oxidationsinducerat aging of the sun.
The defense antioxidant serum contains the concentrated synergy formula 8.0 containing eight powerful multi-action antioxidants that are designed to counteract oxidative damage and protect the skin from premature aging.
The product also contains patented bionics and polyhydroxydsyror that capture oxidation-promotion metals (such as iron) and help prevent damage to skin cells caused by the sun.
The skin's active antioxidant defense serum also contains a powerful combination of citric acid, lilac, green tea and Chardonnay grape seed extracts. These active ingredients work together to neutralize five different free radicals and to preserve healthy DNA, lipids and cell membranes. In addition, this serum contains EGCG-rich green tea that protects against inflammatory substances in the skin.
Skin benefits of antioxidant active strata defense serum
8 Powerful Multiaction antioxydanter to combat oxidative damage and to protect the skin from premature aging
Bionic and polyhydroxisyror prevent solar-induced cell damage
Citric acid, lilac, green tea and Chardonnay grape seed extracts neutralize free radicals and preserve healthy DNA
Instructions for use
Gently apply the serum to the cleaned face. The serum can be applied evenly to the entire face and neck or only in specific areas according to preference.
Gently massage any excess serum into the skin. The serum can be combined with moisturizer and sunscreen.
Size: 30 ml

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Product features:
- Face: Moisturizers, Anti-aging, Serum,
- Skin Type: All Skin Types

Product Reference: #260807

NeoStrata is a cosmetics leading brand that is formulated with AHA's glycolic acid. Since its founding in 1993, NeoStrata has more than 100 patents and scientific studies that endorse its guarantee and effectiveness. Currently the firm specializes in formulating desmocosmetic products, especially those dedicated to skin repairhydration and treatment against wrinkles. Highly recommended by dermatologists to improve and rejuvenate skin appearance. Within its products we find eye contoursexfoliantsmoisturizers and peeling treatments, among others, improving skin appearance and health for those people who use it.

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