Perricone Md No Makeup Lipstick Spf15 Red

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A lipstick and a lipstick treatment with a pure natural color wash, which visibly improves firmness, smoothness and definition of lips over time.
A solid serum lipstick with a pure natural color wash and a broad spectrum of SPF 15 mineral base. Formulated with neuropeptides and hyaluronic acid, this light but nutritious formula helps to hydrate, resulting in visibly softer, more round lips with the passage of time
Apply generously and evenly over the area of the lips. Reapply during the day as needed.
Solid to whey formula that conditions, moisturizes and softens.
Protects with SPF 15 broad spectrum based on minerals.

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Product features:
- Gender: Women
- Makeup: Lipsticks
- Make-up Area: Lips
- Texture/Format: Stick

Product Reference: #208600

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For more than two decades, Perricone MD has been a holistic, three-tier skincare and wellness system. This consists of diet, essential dietary supplements and potent topical skincare solutions backed by powerful ingredients, cutting-edge research and extensive clinical and consumer studies. Perricone MD was created by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, world-renowned author of New York Times bestseller, The Wrinkle Cure. Dr. Perricone’s seminal work challenged the prevailing norms of the skincare industry with its visionary approach to aging and introduction to the advantages of a healthy lifestyle.

Perricone MD is driven by the pursuit of fearless innovation and a stubbornly uncompromising spirit of excellence. Good enough has never been good enough—a belief that drives our commitment to consistently deliver targeted results. We continuously seek the truth in unlocking the powerful science behind healthy-looking skin, from the inside-out and outside-in.

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Average product rating: 8 - Excellent
  • It keeps lips hydrated for hours and leaves a very pretty color, I really like it!

    Ruth | 25/09/2023

  • My everyday lipstick, it leaves my lips very nourished and with a very natural color.

    Esther | 07/06/2023

  • Super creamy and moisturizing, it also protects from the sun. It's my favorite lipstick!

    Lorena | 05/04/2023

  • It leaves a very natural pink tone and keeps my lips very hydrated for hours. I like it a lot!

    Leire | 01/04/2023

  • I have all the variety of colors of this lipstick, I love them.

    Alisson | 13/12/2020

  • I'M VERY HAPPY! Not a day goes by without treating my lips, I love having them painted besides hydrated, this lipstick is very complete, I ordered all the colors they offer and I got them in perfect condition. Thank you for the good service you offer!

    Lucy | 29/10/2019

  • I am a fan of Doctor Perricone, both their food supplements and their skin products, but also their make up has conquered me even more, there was only one lipstick tone and now theiy have a whole new range, which is beautiful! It stays hydrated and recovers the skin firmly, if you use it every day in a week, you will see incredible results! Thanks for the free and fast shipping!

    Emily | 18/09/2019

  • No issues in ordering

    Lea |  21/05/2024 20:50:02

  • Excellent

    Maja |  20/05/2024 12:55:37

  • Didn’t need any help from customer service

    Josh |  19/05/2024 10:09:12

  • Great and fast

    JOSAFATH |  16/05/2024 10:29:23

  • This beauty shop was the best discovery for 2024, love it. Unfortunately I live in a very hot summer area, so I have to wait till fall to start shopping perfumes, again they are amazing with everything.

    Wijdan |  13/05/2024 21:04:02

  • Prompt and hassle free

    Edgar |  07/05/2024 15:59:32

  • Good

    William |  02/05/2024 07:33:16

  • had no issues with having to contact them order was shipped out fast without delay

    Fabian |  02/05/2024 01:05:08

  • Good service

    Cam |  30/04/2024 14:03:44

  • no issues

    Port |  25/04/2024 18:10:47

  • Shipped so quickly.

    Kristine |  25/04/2024 17:42:54

  • Very good and easy.

    Nyjah |  25/04/2024 07:36:36

  • FedEx Priority : So good

    Wijdan | 13/05/2024 21:04:02

  • FedEx Priority : Fast shipping with no issues

    Edgar | 07/05/2024 15:59:32

  • FedEx Priority : Fast

    William | 02/05/2024 07:33:16

  • FedEx Priority : order was recieved without damage and fast so really no complaints to be said

    Fabian | 02/05/2024 01:05:08

  • FedEx Priority : Very Fast

    Cam | 30/04/2024 14:03:44

  • FedEx Priority : Very fast delivery

    Port | 25/04/2024 18:10:47

  • FedEx Priority : Arrived so fast even internationally.

    Kristine | 25/04/2024 17:42:54

  • FedEx Priority : Item arrived broken

    Jessee | 25/04/2024 17:03:59

  • FedEx Priority : Fast and on time love it!!

    Nyjah | 25/04/2024 07:36:36

  • FedEx Priority : Updated the location of my package constantly

    Aaron Castro | 25/04/2024 05:57:54

  • FedEx Priority : Great job

    Juan | 24/04/2024 23:21:50

  • FedEx Priority : EXCELLENT !!

    Kristina | 24/04/2024 17:40:09

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