Kanebo Smoothing Water Make Up Base



15 Units



Product Reference: #4973167969533
Innovative product that spreads quickly and lightly over the skin, creating a taut, invisible veil that leaves the skin firmer, smoother and ideally primed for subsequent make-up items. A product with a feeling of pure water and the texture of a creamy lotion.
Apply after double moisturising and before foundation.

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Product features:
- Gender: Women
- Make-up Area: Face
- Makeup: Primer
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  • Stella


    i love it...creat atention...and fast delivery...and of course stendhall is the best i love it...this is one of my favorite creams in the world ...perfect for my skin and ..great for any one...im a fan of stenhall for years...

  • grace


    This product is hard to find in the usa. Beatythe shop is always able to find the product I need and to deliver it to my door in days

  • Susanne Ardolino


    Didn't really use any Customer Service services, but item was shipped promptly and packaged securely

  • Anna


    I was very impressed with the BeautyTheShop's customer service - I got the product on time prior to my departure for vacation, the product was boxed well. Most importantly, I have found a discount offer for future purchases which was delivered to me in the form of refrigerator magnet so that I don't forget about my discount when I place an order in the future. This was very nice as it is very different from how other sellers go about this - they give you a discount on future purchases hoping you lose it and do not apply it at the time you place your next order.

  • Patricia


    The company was very good at following my order and when to receive and then that I had missed a delivery attempt. I live in the country and hate signing for packages. UPS drivers know me and always just leave packages at the back door. I can't hang around the house waiting to sign for packages. At present I am caring for an ailing parent and so much prefer packages dropped off.

  • Kim


    Exactly as expected. Nice touch of keeping me up to date with emails.

  • Karmajlg


    Easy online ordering and product search capabilities. Product pricing is in line with other retailers but the stock quantities seem to be higher with Beauty Shop.

  • elizabeth


    original packaging, first quality and accurate product. Thank you!

  • Valinda


    Very good and professional!!

  • Perla


    Customer was great

  • Julie


    FedEx Priority : I have never gotten a product so fast!

  • Alexandra


    FedEx Priority : So fast! Was better than anything available in the states!

  • Stella


    FedEx Priority : Fast

  • Clara


    FedEx Priority : A wonderful, speedy delivery and treat to get the product so quickly. Thank you.

  • Rick


    FedEx Priority : FedEx is great IF you purchase something less than $300.00. If more than $300.00 the US puts holds on products coming in to verify their authenticity. Something I learned the hard way, when I wanted the product in a certain amount of time (ie. anniversary gift on my anniversary date). If over $300.00 and coming to the US, be prepared to answer questions from FexEx as to what is in the package. And it will take more than the 2 day shipping promise. But not a fault of Beauty the Shop. It's a US overseas transport bureaucratic issue.

  • Joan


    FedEx Priority : Great

  • jaclyn


    FedEx Priority : Packaged great and arrived quicker than I expected.

  • Veronica


    FedEx Priority : Fast and reliable.

  • Tuyen


    FedEx Priority : They do very great job

  • Laura


    FedEx Priority : Wonderful!!!!