Brow Plume Perfection Eyebrow Dye And Mascara Brown

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Eyebrow Gel and Mascara
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Brow Plume Perfection combines different eyebrow products in one: dye and mask.
Dye: The material from which the applicator is made is durable and Resists water, so it facilitates the design of the eyebrows with precision and fills the sparsely populated areas, while at the same time to the hair regeneration. The formula enriched with Black-Food complex-17 acts to strengthen hair growth and prevent hair loss.
Mask: The eyebrow gel densifiesthe amount of hair and adds depth and volume. Thanks to its fixing and protective properties, the eyebrows are perfectly defined and combed.
For revitalized and perfectly defined eyebrows 1. At night, remove the makeup and perform the usual facial routine, apply Perfect Plume on the dry eyebrow. With gentle movements, fill sparse areas to get the desired eyebrow design. Professional advice: for a natural finish, apply Perfect Plume from the bottom to the top of the eyebrow in the opposite direction to the hair direction. 2. The next morning, remove excess pigment with clean water for a unified and natural result; the eyebrow will have taken a natural form and will be revived thanks to the formula enriched with Black Food Complex-17. 3. Finally, apply BrowScara starting with the arch of the eyebrow, to dye and comb it evenly while nourishing it thanks to its formula Cera Complex.
Professional advice: For a sculpted eyebrow and an intense look, apply a touch of the Dual Contour Nova® illuminator on the brow bone. Important: Use Perfect Plume before applying makeup to avoid the accumulation of product and grease on the brush. If Perfect Plume becomes clogged, clean with a wet wipe to remove accumulated debris. Close well after each use.

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Product features:
- Gender: Women
- Makeup: Eyebrow Care

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