Makeup Trends for Fall/Winter 2016

Ladies, fall is already here and we have to get our act together in terms of beauty! Take note that this season is chock-full of new techniques and colors for looking even more beautiful than ever. This fall is going to be full of satin finishes, dark lips, brilliant smoky eyes and impossible eye liners.

Vampy Lips

As we already saw this summer, the 90s have returned to your lips! Dark colors are once again more prominent on your face. And that’s great since dark colors enhance the mouth and give that grunge look that we all know and love.

Dior has signed up for this new fashion with its new collection Diorogue, returning after more than 20 years of obscurity. Say hello to burgundy, Burdeaux and berry tones … because fashion is a boomerang, ladies.

Rouge Dior Matte 964 Ambitious Matte / Rouge Dior Matte 897 Mysterious Matte / Rouge Dior Matte 962 Poison Matte



In matte tones or those with a bit of gloss, these colors will be the highlight of all your outings this winter. It’s so trendy that the most fashionable makeup artists are already making use of these colors on celebrities and influencers. One example is @patmcgrathreal. So now you know ladies, all lips to the moulin rogue!

If, on the other hand, you are one who hates this new trend to the extreme, don’t worry: the classic never goes out of style. Red lips are very “in” this fall. In addition, Yves Saint Laurent has a new collection called Vernis a lèvres, with which you can make numerous shades to match your style and skin tone. We love these models:

Vernis A Lèvres Vinyl Cream 402 Rouge Remix / Vernis A Lèvres Vinyl Cream 410 Fuchsia Live


Smokey eyes

Lancome’s tremendous new eyeshadows give you the power to create smoky eyes for your special night. They are perfect, in earth, terracotta and pearl tones. Also, for the many fans of this trend, these colors give a touch of chic to your fall looks, which will look marvelous on you as you run from the common black metal tones from last season.

Lancome Hypnose Palette Matte 110 / Lancome Hypnose Palette Matte 108




Cushion mania

We’d love to delve deeper into this new addition to the world of makeup in one of our other articles. Brands like Dior, Lancome or Skin79, emulating the high cosmetics of Korea, have decided to invest in a new format that we love: liquid makeup soaked into a cushion that is then applied to the face. We couldn’t love this new technique more. Pearly colors are leading this fall, and therefore we’re highlighting the following models … Take note and try them now.

Skin79 Cotton Powder Cushion 23 Natural Spf50 / Dreamskin Perfect Skin Cushion Spf50



Dark lips, red and pearl tones, smoky eyes in earth tones with a slightly glossy finish is what it will take to look super fashionable this fall. Dress up in your finest clothes, dust off last season’s dresses and leather jackets, and try out these new formats, textures and colors … and above all, report back what you try them!