Makeup Tips for This Summer

We don’t miss a thing, and that’s because at BeautyTheShop we are always on the lookout for the coolest trends of summer. Show off your tan and the best shades of makeup. Don’t miss this makeup guide to be super stylish.

Silky skin

Natural tones and silky effects are being worn this season for great skin in the full radiance of summer. Look transparent and bright in peach and pastel pink tones, soft makeup that doesn’t look heavy and that reveals the authenticity of your skin. Jewel faces are in vogue this summer, so take note of the top products that can help you achieve that look.

Collistar super moisturizing makeup cream: evens skin tone and gives a super flattering velvety effect. It’s your best ally and a necessity for this summer. Apply it with a makeup sponge from Collistar’s powder compacts, ideal for completing the effect of a pearly, hydrated face and for visibly reducing blemishes. Complement your look with some textured pearl powders with Collistar Maxi blush in pink, which highlights your face while also moisturizing for a very flattering look.



Thick eyebrows and dark eyelashes

Thick eyebrows are in. Prominent brows attract attention to your look and highlight your features, for a heart throbbing appearance. Complement your thick eyebrows with extra-long eyelashes to get a spectacular cat eye look, which is very trendy this summer. Your allies are:

Clarins Perfect eyes and brows / Elizabeth Arden Max Volume


Daring eyeshadows

Blue eyeshadows inundated the catwalks this season. Black or brown eyeliners in dull tones are out. Electric shades of makeup are here and ready to bring down the house these summer nights.

Try this fantastic and daring eyeshadow by Estee Lauder. Revive your look with a bold touch and plenty of color this summer. Also try the ocean blue eyeliner by Clinique to highlight yur look. Don’t miss out on the bright colors by Clinique, which have a metallic hint and illuminate your eyes for a perfect, scandalous look. Our favorite is Clinique All About Shadow in Purple Pumps or Dive Deep.



Juicy Lips

We are passionate about lips in red, cherry, orange and nude tones. If you decide to mark your eyes with loud colors, opt for peach or rose colors to focus attention on your look. If you decide to outline your eyes slightly, choose red colors and give volume to your smile.

You'r allies are:

Bourjois Rouge / Clinique High Impact / Diorific Red

  Clinique High Impact  

Enjoy your summer and try our new makeup technics! Happy weekend fashionistas!