Lip contouring, the latest makeup trend

We are passionate about facial contouring, the makeup technique based on “chiaroscuro” that allows you to introduce lights and darks for a refined and blended look that shows off our features. We’re also passionate about strobing, where we apply highlights with specially formulated creams to show off our features. But from the creators of these famous makeup techniques, well-funded by the Kardashian sisters, comes lip contouring, a technique for XXL lips. At BeautyTheShop we will show you how it’s done. Forget Botox and plastic surgery; get a voluminous mouth and visibly contouring your lips by applying lighteners in strategic zones. If the Kardashians can have perfect lips, so can we! Let’s learn how to do it.

1. Start with the lip liner. Outline your lips with a high precision lip liner pencil. Cover your lips on the outside line and choose a color that is a little darker than the lipstick that you’re going to apply later. That’s how we’ll get an XXL shadow effect. We recommend nude tones for natural looking lips. We also recommend the following lip liners:

Kanebo lip liner / Shiseido Smoothing Pencil / Guerlain Le Stylo Lèvres


2. Apply the lipstick, always in a darker shade than the lip liner that you used for the contouring. This way, the best “chiaroscuro” effect will be produced, which will maximize the XXL features of this marvelous contouring technique.

Our favorites are:

Collistar Icon Lipstick Gold / Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra / Couleur Caramel Pearly Lipstick


3. Blend the colors between the contour and the lips with a brush or with your fingers, taking care to only blend the contour area of the lips. Check out this fabulous Kanebo Lip Brush.

Subtly apply highlights to the central area of the upper and lower lips for the final effect. You can use cream eyeshadows like Shiseido Shimmering Eyecolor, or your favorite concealer, like the fantastic highlighter Airbrush by Clinique.