You're still waiting for that much needed moment. As you walk through the city on your way to work or on your way back home you see people with a golden glow. That’s right, they’ve already been on holiday. 

You can pick them out from a mile off… the day to day stress temporarily disappears from their faces and they’re tanned from head to toe. But don’t fret, your time will come and we're here to help you avoid falling for those false myths about tanning. Your holidays are just around the corner.

To make sure you’re well prepared, we're going to tell you which are false tricks and what is the real truth about getting tanned without damaging your skin. It’s better to have hydrated, radiant and tanned skin rather than dry, damaged and overly tanned skin. Your skin has memory and the best thing to do is get a tan slowly but surely.




1.   What is red today will be brown tomorrow.

FALSE. Maybe this brings you comfort when you’ve got burnt… but sorry, this statement is completely false. The only thing that happens is you peel and badly damage your skin.



2. Switch sun cream for oral sun protection

FALSE. Oral sun protection is the perfect complement to regular sun protection, but it can never be used as an alternative. The essential element to protect you is sun cream, however these products are recommended to boost vitamins, vegetable extracts and your organism’s antioxidants.


3.If I use low SPF protection I will get tanned quicker.

FALSE. The SPF factor doesn’t stop you from tanning, it simply protects your skin from damaging sun rays, stopping you from getting burnt, from getting stains and stopping your skin from aging. Make sure you use SPF20 at least and if your skin isn’t used to sun exposure, SPF30.


4.Eating carrots day and night will get you tanned.

FALSE. Not brown, but orange! Eating carrots doesn’t mean that you produce melanin and therefore you won’t get tanned quicker. What is true is that eating too many carrots will make your skin become more golden or orange because of the beta carotene that this food contains, which is the element that makes carrots orange.



5. The best time to sunbathe is between 14:00 and 16:00.

FALSE. The high hours of the day are the most dangerous when it comes to being out in the sun. The sun beats down more intensely, the rays are more dangerous and the radiation is that much higher. The best thing to do is avoid those hours to prevent your skin from getting damaged. Your skin will get just as brown in the first few hours of sunshine as well as the last ones, so don't go out in the sun when it is at its peak.


 6. Use hydrating cream or oil without protection 

FALSE. Be careful, both have the same effect when it comes to protecting us from the sun… none. Rather than getting you tanned all you will achieve is getting burnt and aging your skin. If you are looking to speed up your tanning process, we recommend that you use oils tanning accelerators with sun protection. Your skin will appreciate it.


7. You absorb the sun more when you're wet.

TRUE, but dangerous. Water drop on your skin have a magnifying glass effect and the sun’s rays are stronger making it likely that you will get burnt. You should be careful and put on more protection (even if it is water resistant) each time you go for a dip.



8. You're tanned now and no longer need sun protection.

FALSE. At last you’ve got the tanned you’ve wanted and you may be thinking it’s time to stop using sun protection, but that’s not a good idea. Sun rays will always be there, as well as radiation. You may not get burnt but your cells will still get damaged, so be careful.


9. Use the same cream for your face and body, they are the same thing.

FALSE. This doesn’t mean that at certain times you can't use the same cream for you body and face, as the protection is the same. The difference is the composition of each cream, your body and face aren’t the same and have different needs. We suggest that you use specific products for each zone, that is, your face, hair, lips and body.


10. SPF50 is plaster and you won't get tanned.

FALSE. There are people who say that the higher the protection the less tanned you'll get, and that is not true  The sun filters help your skin to receive the least amount of damaging sun rays as possible. This has nothing to do with your tan. Perhaps you will get tanned slower and more gradually but your tan will last longer as your skin will be cared for and hydrated. 




Have you fallen for any of these myths? Look after your skin and enjoy the sun with care



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