How to care for your hair in springtime

Spring has sprung and we know our hair is particularly affected at this time of year. This mini-guide is designed to provide some hair care tips for this season, so that you could prevent hair loss and have a strong, shiny and healthy hair.


The magic word for hair is moisturization. There is a very common misconception that the moisturization level needed depends on hair type, but this isn’t true. First of all, we need to be aware of every hair type (dry, normal or greasy hair) needs to be hydrated, but we should also remember to choose the correct product. On BeautyTheShop we have the hair care products that suit your needs: revitalizing shampoos, hair masks and much more.

If you have normal or dry hair, Schwarzkopf Bc Moisture Kick Shampoo will provide your hair with shine and moisturization. Besides, you can complete the hair treatment with the mask and the spray conditioner of the same product line. You will get a healthier and shinier hair.

Schwarzkopf Shampoo / Schwarzkopf Hair Mask / Schwarzkopf Spray Conditioner

On the contrary, if you have an oily-prone hair, a good option is Revlon Proyou Purifying Shampoo or Carita Haute Beaute Hair Purifying Shampoo Icy Gel. Finish your treatment with Carita Haute Beaute Hair Purifying Mask Light Mousse, which is specially formulated to remove excess of sebum and moisturize oily hair properly.

Revlon Shampoo / Carita Hair Purifying Shampoo / Carita Hair Purifying Mask

Sun protection

Although we must protect us from solar radiation throughout the year, we should emphasize the protection from spring. The exposure to the sun harms your hair and causes dull, dry and brittle hair.  Avoid this by taking care for your hair every time.

Care your hair from sun rays and get an extreme brightness is now possible with the formula of Shiseido Senscience Brilliant Defense. It is suitable for all hair types.

Shiseido Senscience Brilliant Defense

In case you go to the beach or you will be under the sun for a long period of time, you need to shield your hair before, during and after the sun exposure.

Before and during sunbathing, you can use a sun protection spray specifically for hair –its application is similar as solar protection sprays for skin–, like protective Oil Spray for Coloured Hair by Collistar, which additionally protects your hair colour.

Protective Oil Spray for Coloured Hair by Collistar

Furthermore, in the same way as we apply the after-sun on our skin after the sun exposure, we should also do that on our hair. That is why Aveda has developed an after-sun hair mask suitable for all hair types, which repairs and moisturizes our hair, thereby avoiding sun damage. It must be applied after sunbathing and it is now available on BeautyTheShop.

After-sun hair mask, by Aveda

Prevent hair loss

As spring arrives, we all know that it means a further hair loss, as it happens in autumn. You should not overly worry about this fact, since the seasonal hair loss is perfectly normal.

In truth, we could prevent hair loss and therefore the weakness, as far as possible, with an all-year hair care. The external factors, such as temperature change, sea salt at the beach and chlorinated pools, are always there, but your hair could resist them if it is stronger and healthier.

BeautyTheShop has come to give your hair a solution to prevent and/or stop its fall with several treatments: Revlon Proyou Anti-Hair Loss Treatment, easy to apply and proven benefits and also Wella Balance Anti Hair Loss serum to get a stronger and thicker hair.

Revlon Proyou Anti-Hair Loss Treatment / Wella Balance Anti Hair Loss serum

Don’t forget to take care for your hair in spring to have a healthy and strong hair with some simple habits and by choosing the correct products for your hair type. You will surely improve the quality of your hair.

Have a great week ahead!