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AQUIS is a well-known towel and turban brand that stands out. That's right, the AQUIS towels and turbans are not your average everyday product, they remove the humidity from your hair in half the time that it takes with a normal towel and, furthermore, they give your hair benefits thanks to their composition.

The brand’s founder is Britta Cox, who years ago come up with the idea of creating a product that would positively contribute to your hair’s health. Due to Britta’s hectic lifestyle, that is a job in the sports industry and a passion for horses, she did not have much time to dry her hair and therefore was obliged to do so with hair dryers that damaged her hair in the long run. It was there that the idea for her brand AQUIS was born, special towels that rapidly absorb your hair’s humidity.

The AQUIS towels and turbans are a spa for your hair, it is the easiest way to treat your hair the way it should be. With all the heat treatment the your hair suffers over the years, you deserve to treat it properly and this begins right after washing it by drying it thoroughly with the Aquis Hair Towel.


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