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Explorer By Montblanc was launched in 2019 by the perfumers Jordi Fernandez, Antoine Maisondieu and Olivier Pescheux.
With this perfume, the high jewelry firm opens a new episode of exploration in the perfumery sector, evoking a journey around the world. An aroma with character and intense, designed especially for free men, refined and with exquisite taste. Luxurious and imposing, EXPLORER enhances the brand's characteristic values.
A fragrance that invites the male sector to start a journey through unexplored trails, to reach goals and reap success, all through high-quality raw materials and in high concentrations, an unconventional perfume that is here to stay. Montblanc Explorer is an invitation to a fantastic journey, an irresistible call for adventure. This unconventional woody-aromatic-leather Eau de Parfum reveals an Italian Bergamot with green fresh notes, contrasted by a rich Vetiver from Haiti and an exclusive Patchouli from Indonesia. At the bottom lies Montblanc’s emblem, the iconic star representing the six glaciers of the highest mountain in Europe.
Its wake departs from classic and conventional aromas, incorporating notes as exclusive as leather, patchouli leaves from Indonesia, cocoa pod and Akgalawood, all sprinkled with pink pepper and citrus sparkles of bergamot. A very masculine and addictive composition.
As it is a male “Eau de Parfum”, this essence has a high aromatic intensity so with just a few sprays we will keep our skin perfumed throughout the day. Being a fragrance with a great projection and chair, if we exceed it, its fantastic aromatic characteristics would be lost.
All Montblanc creations reflect luxury and sophistication, and with this perfume they reaffirm their pillars. So it is demonstrated by its bottle, cut in glass under a cylindrical silhouette, and wrapped in black leather. On the front and as the only decorative symbol, the signature logo stands out.
Top notes: Bergamot, Pomarose, Sage.
Heart notes: Vetiver, Leather, Sandalwood.
Base notes: Patchouli, Ambrofix , Akigalawood.
Scent: Fresh.

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Product features:
- Gender: Men
- Fragance: Eau de Parfum

Product Reference: #3386460101059

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Montblanc, synonymous with exquisite writing culture for the past 100 years, follows lasting values such as quality and traditional craftsmanship. Its uncompromising demands on shape, style, materials and workmanship are reflected in all its products.

If writing is the visible expression of the soul, fragance is surely its unspoken, subliminal language. Fragances tell stories, shape emotions and evoque poetry, writing in unseen ink what the fountain pen marks on paper in black and white. 

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  • Product good-delivery late because of postal strike

    Heather | 05/12/2022

  • This is absolutely my favourite perfume

    Noah | 07/05/2022

  • Excellent service

    Ezra | 30/04/2022

  • Great product and sizzle of bottle is great value for money.

    Scott | 08/11/2021

  • Very pleased with product ,would use Beauty The Shop again for further purchases

    Barbara | 31/08/2020

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  • Very smooth process

    Alejandro |  25/02/2024 07:05:33

  • Love this site, great prices and fast shipping

    Stephanie |  22/02/2024 09:54:31

  • service is excellent.- very professional

    Robert |  21/02/2024 07:20:54

  • This was a first time purchase from Beauty the Shop of which I knew nothing about. However, I wanted a superior frankincense fragrance called Royal Incense by Omanluxury, which is of superior quality at a relatively reasonable price offered by Beauty the Shop. Their response was good, and I am happy with my purchase. Packaging was well done to keep the fragrance safe in transit. Would buy from them again.

    Sherman |  13/02/2024 18:48:51

  • I really enjoyed speaking to the representatives. They were all very warm and friendly

    Ellias |  13/02/2024 16:40:40

  • Beauty The Shop has the best customer service. they'll give the customer an exact date when you'll get the package. They never fail, and they are very accurate. Thank you Beauty The Shop you're the best.

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  • Customer service was great, packaging was phenomenal and the email system is wonderful as well.

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  • Easy buying experience

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  • Detailed and safe packaged for an amazing prize

    Karla |  06/02/2024 23:38:14

  • Amazing fast shipping, received it pretty quickly

    Hesham Raghib |  05/02/2024 06:31:41

  • FedEx Priority : Quick, keeps me updated of every step and notifies when it arrives

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  • FedEx Priority : No complains with FedEx

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  • FedEx Priority : A++

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  • FedEx Priority : Excellent

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  • FedEx Priority : Extraordinary the quickness of the service from Spain to USA

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