Maison Crivelli Hibiscus Mahajad Extrait De Parfum Spray 50ml

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Hibiscus Mahajád
The experience: tasting an infusion of hibiscus in the heart of a gemstone market.
The surprising contrast: a hibiscus/rose floral duo contrasts with leather and the softness of vanilla beans.
Fragrance family: floral oriental fruity perfume extract (vegan). 32% concentration.
Key raw materials: Rose Damascena ORPUR absolute, vanilla ORPUR absolute, leather, spearmint ORPUR essential oil, cassis, ambrette seeds absolute, ORPUR cinnamon essential oil.
The ORPUR label brings together the finest natural perfume ingredients from the Givaudan perfume house.

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Product features:
- FRAGRANCE: Ladies Fragrance, Man Fragrance
- MAN: Man Fragrance
- Fragrance Type: Extract/Perfume, Signature Perfumes
- Smell Profile: Floral
- FORMAT: Spray

Product Reference: #323470

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A Maison Crivelli fragrance is a changing work of art, unpredictable and mysterious. The facets of these perfumes evolve, resulting in a sensorial odyssey offered in exclusive boutiques and at their respective websites.

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Average product rating: 10 - Perfect
  • 10/10 Last very long on skin Good projection Perfect for a gift

    Akhil | 12/05/2024

  • Excellent product and pleased with price. This is a gorgeous, complex floral with warm base notes. some may say that this is not a safe blind by but I disagree. The is sillage is moderate but the longevity is there. I’ve never known what a hibiscus tuely smells like, although I’ve had many in my life in my garden, but I will say that it’s not very rose forward as I thought it would be.

    Allyson | 27/03/2024

  • I don’t know what it is with this fragrance, but I love it so much, I already bought a full size.

    Judith | 19/03/2024

  • Beautiful fragrance instantly my signature. Niche and unique and lasts so long!

    Mustafa | 09/02/2024

  • The perfume is very unique the project and longevity is actually noticeable however I would recommend trying before buying because the opening notes are quiet strong.

    Nadine | 17/01/2024

  • For the people who know why I rated this a 5 you know. ????

    Major | 31/12/2023

  • A beautiful elegant and rich fragrance, lots of depth and warmth with just the right amount of sweetness. This stuff is very very long lasting and potent so I only need a couple of sprays to last me all day. I adore it and everyone else does too!

    G.t | 16/11/2023

  • Very nice love my purchase. Stays for a long time

    Rabia | 11/06/2023

  • Excellent perfume. Good price. Took longer to arrive to UK than estimated (10 days ) but got here in the end. I was a little dubious as I could have purchased the perfume full price in UK and receive it next day but significant savings buying it from this company made it worthwhile,

    Elaine | 20/02/2023

  • Sublime service. Outstanding perfume. Recommend you to everyone in Las Vegas.

    OG. |  28/05/2024 01:13:17

  • No issues in ordering

    Lea |  21/05/2024 20:50:02

  • Excellent

    Maja |  20/05/2024 12:55:37

  • Didn’t need any help from customer service

    Josh |  19/05/2024 10:09:12

  • Great and fast

    JOSAFATH |  16/05/2024 10:29:23

  • This beauty shop was the best discovery for 2024, love it. Unfortunately I live in a very hot summer area, so I have to wait till fall to start shopping perfumes, again they are amazing with everything.

    Wijdan |  13/05/2024 21:04:02

  • Prompt and hassle free

    Edgar |  07/05/2024 15:59:32

  • Good

    William |  02/05/2024 07:33:16

  • had no issues with having to contact them order was shipped out fast without delay

    Fabian |  02/05/2024 01:05:08

  • Good service

    Cam |  30/04/2024 14:03:44

  • no issues

    Port |  25/04/2024 18:10:47

  • Shipped so quickly.

    Kristine |  25/04/2024 17:42:54

  • FedEx Priority : So good

    Wijdan | 13/05/2024 21:04:02

  • FedEx Priority : Fast shipping with no issues

    Edgar | 07/05/2024 15:59:32

  • FedEx Priority : Fast

    William | 02/05/2024 07:33:16

  • FedEx Priority : order was recieved without damage and fast so really no complaints to be said

    Fabian | 02/05/2024 01:05:08

  • FedEx Priority : Very Fast

    Cam | 30/04/2024 14:03:44

  • FedEx Priority : Very fast delivery

    Port | 25/04/2024 18:10:47

  • FedEx Priority : Arrived so fast even internationally.

    Kristine | 25/04/2024 17:42:54

  • FedEx Priority : Item arrived broken

    Jessee | 25/04/2024 17:03:59

  • FedEx Priority : Fast and on time love it!!

    Nyjah | 25/04/2024 07:36:36

  • FedEx Priority : Updated the location of my package constantly

    Aaron Castro | 25/04/2024 05:57:54

  • FedEx Priority : Great job

    Juan | 24/04/2024 23:21:50

  • FedEx Priority : EXCELLENT !!

    Kristina | 24/04/2024 17:40:09

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