For The Most Sensitive


It is not very well known, perhaps because it doesn't want to lose its exclusive image associated to beauty salons, but if you have sensitive facial skin, you should try their products. The Deluxe Brand Carita París and their specific product line for sensitive skins Idéal Douceur was my last year discovery. Now that winter is coming, I need to change my moisturizing since low temperatures make my skin drier, taut, and with some redness appearance. Have you ever felt your face flushed and with a burning sensation after being in a place with very high heating? This also happen when you are exposed to cold or windy temperatures, right? I still remember the sense of calm that it left on my skin. So, for this season, it is one of my recommendations.




The Idéal Douceur product line for sensitive skin is composed of four products:

Eau Lactée. Makeup remover that gently and smoothly removes the impurities from the eyes and face. It has soothing and moisturizing properties, favoring a more uniform and luminous complexion. Its original texture is between milk and water. How to apply: Morning and evening with damp cotton all over your face. It is not necessary to rinse or to apply tonic.


Sérum de Coton. It is an essential treatment to immediately soothe sensitive and reactive skins. The feeling of discomfort decreases and imperfections are stopped. How to apply: Morning and evening, put some drops on your previously cleaned face and neck, before applying Crème de Coton.


Crème de Coton. Anti-age prevention.  It helps the skin to find comfort, balance and smoothness. The cotton cells, helps to reduce skin reactions such as redness. It's a soft, buttery and light cream. It's also hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and contains no coloring or alcohol. How to apply: Morning and evening all over your previously cleaned face and neck.


Masque de Coton. S.O.S treatment intended for very fragile skins that don't tolerate anything. This mask immediately comforts the more sensitive skins. The skin regains calmness, flexibility and comfort thanks to a combination of soothing assets that reinforce the hydrolipidic barrier. It's hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and contains no coloring or alcohol. How to apply: Evenly over your cleaned face. Leave it for five minutes and then remove the remaining mask with cotton.


Happy week!