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VELD'S is a French skincare brand that uses the wealth of the South African flora to serve French cosmetic know-how and women's beauty.
Joyce MUSY: “Restoring all the attributes of a young skin, substance, tone, radiance, curves is now possible with VELD'S, a skincare brand which uses all the richness of South African plants to serve French cosmetic know-how.
I have brought women a global response to their beauty expectations.”
A concept: “primal nature”, the scientific mastery of powerful active ingredients from the wild flora of the South African veld that gives the face and skin back their original beauty.
A double promise expressed by an amazing double action: that of the instantaneous beauty action and that of the cellular youthfulness action.
VELD’S' cosmetic revolution is the answer to the essential causes of aging and its visible effects through the synergy of an in-depth physiological action and a surface mechanical action.
VELD'S takes its force from the power of nature, the unique and abundant plant ingredients from the South African veld.
All VELD'S formulas have been enriched with wild plant based ingredients from South Africa, one of the richest biodiversities in the world considered as one of the most promising botanical treasures.
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