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LYMA Laser. The World's Safest At Home Laser.
The power to achieve clinic results at home. Nothing compares to the LYMA Laser. The world's most powerful at-home beauty device. Zero damage. No downtime. Painless. 100x More Powerful Than LED Devices.
The LYMA Laser is completely safe to use, even around the eye area, with no need for goggles. This is engineered by two patented internal diffusers that fragment the near infrared light into 25,000 smaller beams. The light energy is completely cold and completely painless. Clinic-grade laser technology for all skin tones. Proven to transform your skin. Zero damage. No downtime. Painless.
Results in as Little as 12 Weeks:
Skin elasticity
The Facts:
The world's strongest at home Laser
Transformative results in weeks
The only device able to reach the base layer of your skin
Treats all signs of aging, redness, pigmentation, scars, blemishes and more
Gentle, non-abrasive treatment, with no downtime
Pain-free and safe around the eyes. No goggles required
The only at home laser suitable for use on all skin tones
Built to last; two year warranty and ten year lifespan
Intelligent laser technology:
engineered to deactivate the aging process. Originally developed as a medical laser in a research unit in Leipzig, the LYMA Laser's primary purpose was to heal a range of injuries.
An astonishing side effect was discovered; in order to reach the damaged tissue, it needed to pass through the skin, which began to visibly transform.
This item can not be returned as Lyma is a medical device.
The Laser has a 2 year warranty that protects it against any defects or damage.
The LYMA Laser
Starter Kit
Includes the award-winning LYMA Laser and a 30-day supply of the LYMA Oxygen Mist and Glide to transform your skin in weeks. 
Use the daily protocol below for a minimum of 12 weeks to get transformational results. Thereafter use a couple of times a week to maintain results:
1. Apply 6 pumps of the Oxygen Mist to the face or area of skin requiring treatment.
2. Follow with 6 pumps of the Oxygen Glide.
3. Hold the Laser over each treatment area for 3 minutes or glide the Laser slowly over each half of the face or treatment area for a minimum of 15 minutes.
4. Dampen the sponge in water and carefully remove the product using a circular motion. Rinse well and leave the sponge to air dry.
5. Continue with your normal skincare routine.
Is the LYMA Laser red light therapy?
The LYMA Laser uses light therapy technology that is also called low-level laser therapy (LLLT), near infrared laser light or photobiomodulation. The LYMA Laser reaches deep down into the dermis to rejuvenate and repair skin without inducing any heat or pain.
What is maintenance mode when using the LYMA Laser?
We recommend that you use the LYMA Laser on a daily basis until you receive the effects you are looking for, while everyone is different and the amount of time it takes can differ based on skin condition, age and concern, we advise an average of 12 weeks. After this period you can switch to maintenance mode to keep up the results, we advise continuing to use the laser two or three times a week. For optimal results, For optimal results, prepare the skin with the LYMA Oxygen Mist and Glide when using the Laser.
Is the LYMA Laser safe, is it painful?
The LYMA Laser is completely safe, its patented lens technology diffuses the laser light into thousands of tiny cold energy sources. Each one optimised to regenerate your skin at a cellular level deep within the dermis with no risk of pain, burning or redness.
Is the LYMA Laser safe to use on darker skin tones?
Yes. Darker skin tones and melanin rich skin contain more pigment, which when used with traditional laser treatments, can cause burning and scar more easily. The Low Level LYMA Laser does not damage the skin in any way, instead, it regenerates skin naturally, is completely painless and has no post treatment discomfort or redness.
What is the lifetime of the LYMA Laser?
The LYMA Laser is manufactured in the UK from clinic-grade components – tested to last 10 years and comes with a two year worldwide full replacement warranty.
Will the LYMA Laser help my skincare penetrate deeper?
Yes, the LYMA Laser will help your skincare to penetrate deeper in two ways. As the laser does not damage skin, it’s not in recovery mode and will therefore respond to other skincare protocols much better. Also, the increase in collagen and the anti-inflammatory effects of the laser, will help your skin to benefit from the active ingredients in your skincare.
Will the LYMA laser cause fat loss in the face?
The LYMA Laser will not cause fat loss in the face. The deep penetrative cold laser light reaches the base layer of the skin and will actually stimulate collagen production meaning the skin will look healthier.
What's the lifetime of the LYMA Laser?
The LYMA Laser is complete with a two year warranty and is made from clinic-grade components with an expected lifespan of ten years.
Why is The LYMA Laser so different?
The LYMA Laser marks the first time a laser of this transformational power can be safely used outside a clinic, able to treat more skin conditions than any other at home device. The LYMA Laser is able to safely reach the mitochondria in the deepest layers of the skin, fat and muscle tissue to increase cellular renewal and encourage cellular growth and repair. To contextualise, this technology is up to 100x more powerful than LED.
How does the LYMA Laser remodel skin?
The LYMA Laser has engineered the power of a 500mW near infrared cold laser coherent light for home use. The laser makes photo biomodulation possible for at home use, this is the process of inducing the regeneration of tissue by the application of light energy. In addition to being polarised, laser light, when interacting with living tissue, exhibits a phenomenon called speckle, which amplifies the intensity of the stimulus making it effective at inducing the regenerative processes through the entire depth of its penetration. This is not the case with LED-based light sources which loses effectiveness as it penetrates tissue.
The power of the LYMA Laser remodels the skin from the base layer up through the dermis smoothing wrinkles and imperfections and adding a healthy glow.
Does the LYMA Laser work? Is there any evidence to prove it?
There have been hundreds if not thousands of medical papers written since the 1960’s on the effects of the LYMA Laser’s technology - low-level laser photobiomodulation. The science is well established, however, up until now an effective device hasn’t been available to achieve these results in the home environment. For conditions such as dyschromias, wound healing and body contouring almost all the plausible peer-reviewed evidence uses LYMA’s technology as the light source. The problem is that laser light has not been readily accessible in the home. Until now.
Can the LYMA laser be used over tattoos? Will it remove them?
The LYMA Laser will not affect tattoos in anyway, it will not remove them.
Can I use the LYMA Laser with in clinic treatments such as microneedling?
Yes the LYMA Laser is the perfect aftercare solution for those having in-clinic treatments as it soothes the skin, helps fade bruising and swelling and can minimise inflammation.
Is laser radiation dangerous?
Laser radiation shouldn’t be confused with radio waves, microwaves or the ionizing x-rays or radiation from radioactive substances such as radium. Laser radiation isn’t harmful and behaves like ordinary light in its interaction with the body. The LYMA Laser is completely safe for home use.
How quickly should I expect to notice benefits?
As a general rule we advise people should use the LYMA Laser daily for around 15 minutes on each treatment area for three months to see maximum results, and then twice weekly to maintain these results. Using the LYMA Laser on older scars and on more mature skin may mean longer daily sessions and using the laser of a longer period.
Can I use the LYMA Laser on all skin types and skin tones?
Yes, absolutely. Unlike traditional lasers, the LYMA Laser optimises skin renewal for all skin types and skin tones, including dark skin tones.
Can the LYMA Laser burn me?
The LYMA Laser is completely safe, its unique lens diffuses the powerful 500mW coherent light to make it able to regenerate cells with no damage, no pain and absolutely no chance of burning the skin.
Can the LYMA Laser be used on children and can children use it?
The LYMA Laser can be used to treat skin conditions on people of all ages, although we recommend only adults should operate this device. Always keep out of reach from children.
Is the LYMA Laser safe to use around the eyes?
Yes, the LYMA Laser’s unique ultra-diffused lens makes it safe to treat around the delicate eye area without posing any damage to the retina. This is unique to the LYMA Laser and unlike many clinic treatments no goggles are required. We do advise those with pre-existing eye conditions to gain expert medical advice before adding any new treatments to their regime.
Why do I need to use The LYMA Laser every day?
We recommend using the LYMA Laser daily for a minimum of 12 weeks and a couple of times a week thereafter to maintain results. The reason you need to use daily until you achieve your desired results, is that the LYMA Laser technology works by switching on cells that had died as part of the natural ageing process, which empowers the skin to behave as it did when you were younger. In order to fully transform the skin, you need to ‘switch on’ the maximum number of cells, which in turn exponentially increases collagen production. Skin is renewed from the base layer up to smooth wrinkles, increase elasticity, redistribute pigmentation, and heal scar tissue.
Can I use the LYMA Laser after being in the sun?
Yes, the LYMA Laser can be used after being exposed to the sun. The LYMA Laser can in fact help rejuvenate skin which has been damaged by over exposure to UVA and UVB rays.
Is there anywhere I shouldn’t use the LYMA Laser?
The LYMA Laser can be used to regenerate and rejuvenate skin on all parts of the body however do not use the LYMA Laser over any areas associated with the following medical conditions, tumours, overactive thyroid, fungal skin infections, implanted pacemaker or melanoma. If you have concerns please visit your Medical Practitioner before using the device.
Can I use the LYMA Laser if I’m pregnant?
You can safely use the LYMA Laser if you are pregnant, however should not be used over the abdominal area.
Can I use the LYMA Laser over fillers or muscle relaxant injectables?
The LYMA Laser is perfectly safe to use on areas of the skin that have been treated with muscle relaxant injectables or fillers. The LYMA Laser can help calm inflammation and speed up post surgical recovery.
 What is the difference between IPL and the LYMA Laser?
The LYMA Laser operates with a coherent light source which is very different to IPL which stands for Intense Pulsed Light, and is used to treat wrinkles, spots and unwanted hair. While IPL can be uncomfortable the LYMA Laser operates without causing any cell-damage or pain whatsoever.
What is the difference between the LYMA Laser and clinic laser treatments?
The LYMA Laser is an at home device which has been engineered to work without damage to cells, while retaining the power and effects you may expect from a clinic treatment.
What evidence is there to demonstrate that Laser light is more effective than LED?
There are so much to the properties of light that are just being to be understood, not in terms of what it looks like, or its colour, it’s not about energy density of which that light is absorbed by things around them. It does seem that laser light has peculiar properties like laser speckles that seem to induce these cellular and sub cellular effects in a very particular way that there isn’t really the evidence that back up suggestion that LED light does the same. We continue to work with our science team to explore and understand more about the power of the LYMA Laser.
Is LED effective skin regeneration?
LED can stimulate the epidermis (the top layer of skin) towards epidermal turnover which can have an effect on smoothness and help to even out skin tone. However, the skin isn’t uniform in terms of its structure to the top layer to the bottom layer. Wrinkle reduction has to be targeted from the bottom layers, and there is no evidence to say what benefits LED is able to effect at the base layers of the skin.

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The story of LYMA Skincare begins with Dr Graeme Glass, a globally renowned facial and limb reconstructive surgeon and leading clinical expert in photobiomodulation and epigenetic stem cell biology. A specialist in optimizing the body’s capacity to heal itself, his work as a surgeon, coupled with his research into technologies designed to accelerate human regenerative potential, set him on a path that would turn the skincare industry on its head. It was through observing post-operative patients that Dr Glass started to notice something. Why was a child’s ability to heal so quickly after major surgery so different to an adult’s? Dr Glass’s clinical studies revealed that it was more than just the presence of young cells that radically increased regeneration; it was also the absence of aging cells, which actively slow the healing process. This led to the question: what would happen if aging cells could simply be… removed?

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