Cosmetic Detox to allow your skin to breathe

After the famous “Detox Diet” was introduced, the same trend appeared in the world of cosmetics. The idea is to cleanse the body of all external agents that harm and damage our skin. The cosmetic Detox is based precisely on that idea, and therefore companies choose ingredients that help to drain the toxins that remain in our skin and that, among other things, make our skin seem older than it is.

The appearance of tired skin, the loss of brightness in your face or the premature aging of your skin are three unmistakable signs that your skin is trying to say something. But pollution, stress and fatigue can also take a toll on your appearance. Did you know that these factors can cause seven billion toxins to accumulate on your skin every single day? Luckily, the remedy is at your fingertips, and at BeautyTheShop we will help you find the perfect antioxidant product to combat the external agents in the environment that harm your day after day.

In this vein, the inestimable Dior provides great help with its One Essential serum formula, which detoxifies, regenerates and increases the efficiency of previous facial treatments by up to four times. Its technology is based on 21 ingredients that smooth, revitalize and illuminate skin from the inside out.

Dior One Essential Serum

Dior One Essential Serum

Clarins also has a very promising solution for combating the toxins that break down your skin and prevent it from being properly oxygenized. Their Detox solution for dull skin comes in a “booster” format and consists of an ultra-concentrated, revolutionary formula enriched with green coffee extract, which has numerous detoxifying properties. Clarins Booster Detox for dull skin gives you an instant detoxifying cure after a night of partying, or after being in humid climates or in areas with extreme pollution, or even after eating greasy food.

How does it work? It’s easy: mix 3 to 5 drops of Booster Detox in your hand along with your usual cream or mask, and apply it as always. Your face will instantly be grateful for this Detox cure!

Clarins Booster Detox dull skin

Clarins Booster Detox dull skin

You can also detox the skin on your face with one of Estee Lauder or Guerlain’s night cream formulas. Estee Lauder NightWear Plus anti oxidant Night Detox not only hydrates your skin and fights wrinkles, but also helps to eliminate the toxins that accumulate on your skin throughout the day, acting at night and making your face brighter in the morning.

On the other hand, Guerlain offers Orchidée Impériale, The night essence detox, the best treatment for purifying skin and freeing cellular energy while you sleep. Its ingredients are based on the powerful cellular purifier Purifynol, and on the Gold Orchid Technology that purifies your skin and makes it brighter and more flexible day after day.

Estee Lauder NightWear Plus anti oxidant Night Detox/ Guerlain Orchidée Impériale, The night essence detox

Estee Lauder NightWear Plus anti oxidant Night Detox Guerlain Orchidée Impériale, The night essence detox

Also for night time use is Skeyndor Antioxidant Line Q10, with a super-antioxidant repairing factor. Its main ingredients help to oxygenate your skin and repair the damage caused by sun and free radicals: hyaluronic acid, Pentavitin, Repair Complex, Ceramides, Green Tea Extract and Vitamins A, E and C.

This gel is appropriate for all skin types and for all ages, either as a preventative measure (young skin) or as a treatment (mature skin). It should be applied at night, after removing your makeup and thoroughly cleaning your face.

Skeyndor Antioxidant Line Q10 factor super antioxidant repair

Skeyndor Antioxidant Line Q10 factor super antioxidant repair

We hope that now you know how to protect yourself against external factors that damage our skin day after day. And remember! If you have any questions about which product is the best for your personal needs, don’t hesitate to contact us at BeautyTheShop. We are here to help!

Have a great week!