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Surprising. Filling with wonder. Inspiring emotion. Guerlain is entirely devoted to original creation, daring and the quest for beauty.
Since 1828, the Guerlains have been passionate about art and rubbed shoulders with the most avant-garde artists of their age. A culture of the beautiful that forevermore distinguishes their vision of the profession. For them, each fragrance, make-up and skincare product is an opportunity to express an emotion and create a sense of pleasure and desire that transcend mere need and function first and foremost.
As aesthetes, they have always taken this creative step to its height. Exceptional formulas deserve a bottle or a case crafted by a great designer, a poster produced by a great artist, down to a boutique designed by a great architect or interior decorator.
For almost two centuries, Guerlain has been in love with the Beautiful. Thrilled at the idea of an ingenious new pencil stroke. Delighted at each step of creative daring.
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