A progressive yet timeless brand where Tesla meets Hermés.

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Bibbi Swimming Pool Eau De Parfum Spray 100ml

Somewhere in the south of Italy, a natural swimming pool is said to have healing abilities

Herbs surround it, and the lake’s water and air are thick with a beautiful basil/menthe scent. You completely forget about time and room if you swim in the pool. The water forces you to go through all the darkest hours and brightest moments of your life. After swimming in the pool, you will be forever changed and have an intense basil-like scent stuck to your skin forever.

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Guiseppe Verdis muse Giuseppina Strepponi died in 1897

Her absolute favorite flower was the iris. When she passed, Verdi was so devastated when she died that he got into some ecstasy and decorated the whole casa Verdi with irises. In Strepponi’s room, you couldn’t find one single spot left on the wall without Iris. Still, to this day, you can scent the whiff of the iris in the house.

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Bibbi Iris Wallpaper Eau De Parfum Spray 100ml

This is a journey in blue. A journey into the deep subconscious. A scented tale like nothing seen before on the perfume market. 

While practicing meditation, Bibbi can transport her consciousness to another dimension. In this dimension, she meets extraordinary characters with fascinating stories. Her most intense and profound connections with other beings occur there, always surrounded by a deep Klein-blue universe. The Bibbi perfume collection is based on these tales and meetings in her meditative subconscious state of mind.
The fragrances are not merely scents; they are narratives, stories woven from the threads of her inner world. These imaginative, unisex scents invite everyone to partake in the
brand’s unique journey into the subconscious. The unisex scents are her way of putting these findings into a narrative that invites everyone to be a part of her subconsciousness.
And by the way, Bibbi is Stina and Stina is Bibbi.

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A progressive yet timeless brand where Tesla meets Hermés.